Amazon Integrator ActiveX/COM Edition

Amazon Integrator provides easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon Web Services including Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), SimpleDB, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and E-Commerce Service (AWS). Amazon Integrator’s components can be used to add, modify and delete objects stored on S3 or SimpleDB, add or remove messages from SQS, integrate with ASW e-commerce services, or control EC2 instances.

The Amazon Integrator provides an interface for accessing many Amazon Web Services.  The components integrate seamlessly, providing your applications with access to a wide range of Amazon capabilities including storage, messaging, and e-commerce services.

Amazon Integrator features:

  • Easy-to-use components for accessing Amazon S3, SQS, SimpleDB, EC2 and AWS.
  • Small and lightweight components with no dependencies on external libraries.
  • Native development components for all supported platforms and...

Latest News

Amazon Integrator adds AES encryption
Amazon Integrator adds AES encryption
Leverage always-on access to Amazon's online storage, messaging and e-commerce services.

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