About amCharts 4: TimeLine

Add custom shaped charts to your websites or applications.

amCharts 4: TimeLine is an add-on to amCharts 4: Charts. While the name implies it is used to represent timelines, it is actually useful wherever you need a uniquely shaped chart. amCharts 4 is a ready-made JavaScript library that allows you to add interactive charts to a vast array of applications. With built-in support for TypeScript and ES6 modules, it is fully compatible with Angular, React, Vue.js as well as vanilla JavaScript applications. The TimeLine Chart is much more than a timeline, it is an CurveChart, similar to an XYChart, that can be bent and twisted in to any shape you like to depict linear data in a space saving, imaginative way.

  • Uniquely Shaped Charts
    • Supply custom points, and the chart will magically follow them. You can even control the smoothness of the curve.
  • Draw Your Own Shape
    • Don’t want to use a pre-defined shape? Grab any vector graphics editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkspace and draw your own.
  • Serpentine Chart
    • Automatically create waved charts with configurable number of levels, orientation, radii, and other options.
  • Spiral Chart
    • Make a spiral chart in seconds. Configure it the way you like: number of rings, angles, radii, and a number of other options.
  • Fully Interactive
    • Charts created with TimeLine chart types are fully interactive – just like any other amCharts 4 chart. Hover effects, tooltips, cursor functionality, animations, zooming, legend toggling, and everything else you expect from a full-fledged chart.
  • Rich Series Type Support
    • Add multiple Line, Column, Step, Area series. Mix and match. Stack or cluster them.
  • Advanced Chart Features
    • TimeLine charts are full-fledged charts, which means you can use most of the XY features, like bullets, axis ranges, adapters, event handlers, and everything else.
  • Extensive Documentation
    • Just like with any other chart type, TimeLine add-on comes with extensive, step-by-step documentation.