amCharts 4: TimeLine Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for amCharts 4: TimeLine, please contact our amCharts licensing specialists.

amCharts 4: TimeLine is an add-on and requires that you have a valid license of amCharts 4: Charts.

Single website license
If you have a public website (no signup is necessary), or you’re a web developer who is developing a website for a client and want to add charting or mapping capabilities to it, Single website license will do. It covers sub-domains, mirror or translation websites, development and testing servers.

SaaS / Application license
This dual license type is good for either one SaaS (Software as a Service) website OR a re-distributable software product.

Some examples of SaaS websites: online accounting service (i.e. FreshBooks), CRM service (i.e. SalesForce), webmail service (i.e. GMail), online stock trading platform, etc.

Examples of re-distributable software applications: a CMS system, a desktop application, a mobile app. Please note that a single SaaS / Application license covers application clones across all platforms. So if you have the same mobile application available for, say, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, you just need one license.

This license type does not limit physical servers, used to run it.

OEM license
The ultimate one. In addition to allowing you to freely use the library in any number of websites and applications that are owned or developed by you, it is also the only type that includes full source code for the product it was purchased for, thus allowing you to modify the core functionality.

Extended OEM license
Think of it as a less restrictive OEM license. Besides what OEM license does it also allows three additional things:

  • Use amCharts in tools that produce other software, such as compilers and frameworks.
  • Use by subsidiaries of the licensee, e.g. company HQ purchases the license, and all local subsidiaries can use amCharts.
  • Use in software produced for 3rd parties as an OEM deal, e.g. you produce a software for someone else to sell as their own.