Amyuni PDF Suite .NET

Amyuni PDF Suite provides all the functionalities and features of PDF Converter and PDF Creator .NET in one product, for integration into the developer’s application. PDF Converter is a tool that can be used to convert from existing documents from virtually any Windows® application to PDF format. PDF Creator is designed to create new documents, forms and reports or edit documents already in PDF format. PDF Suite .NET is based on Amyuni’s internal developments and does not rely on external libraries such as Ghostscript. Licensing and distribution are hassle-free and developers are not required to license any external technology in order to distribute these tools.

PDF Suite Developer Pro for .NET

  • Full Developer Toolkit
  • PDF and Vista XPS creation and editing
  • PDF Converter and Creator in one product
  • Only takes a few lines of code to implement into your applications

PDF Converter – Main Features

  • Support for the new Microsoft Vista operating system.
  • Convert any document into PDF format using the PDF Converter virtual printer driver.
  • Automated and easy installation of the PDF printer on the end-user’s system without any user intervention.
  • High performance and...

Latest News

PDF Creator improves 64-bit support
PDF Creator improves 64-bit support
Amyuni PDF Creator V4.5 adds 64-bit SDK to improve performance and compatibility with 64-bit applications.
PDF Converter adds WHQL certification
PDF Converter adds WHQL certification
Amyuni PDF Converter Developer Pro V4.5 adds WHQL testing and certification for Windows 2008 and Windows 7 32/64-bit.
One software license is required per developer. You cannot distribute your application whithout purchasing an Application License. One Application License is required per application for Royalty-Free...
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Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • Managed/Unmanaged Code - without COM

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