We do not supply this product anymore.

ApexSQL Edit

Improve your productivity with an SQL IDE designed by SQL Developers.

Published by ApexSQL
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2006


ApexSQL was acquired by Quest Software in Apr 2019, this means that from Nov 2019 ApexSQL products are no longer available from ComponentSource. If you would like to buy or renew an ApexSQL product please contact Quest Software here: https://www.apexsql.com/ or if you would like to find an alternative product please see our Database Administration products or Contact Us for further assistance.

ApexSQL Edit Features

Features of ApexSQL Edit


  • Centralized Object Mapping repository. This feature allows groups to share object mappings in source code and automatically update mappings across group members
  • Advanced copy provides sophisticated copying of query results and other grid output to HTML and a variety of customizable formats
  • Object Explorer provides quick reference to object meta data (DDL, references, permissions, etc.) as well as allowing drill down to sub-level objects. This new panel can be used in lieu of the tree view object browser or in tandem
  • Code snippets--customizable xml based code snippets can be used to significantly improve coder productivity when adding boiler plate code. ApexSQL Edit snippets are dynamic (hot spots, built-in intellilist, etc.) and totally customizable (shortcuts, tooltips, enter key behavior)
  • Scripts can now be run in "Test mode" which will automatically roll back scripts immediately after execution
  • Script outlining with collapsible regions just like Visual Studio .NET
  • Drag/drop of files into the editor
  • Deployment Projects - use ApexSQL Edit to manage your deployment process from Visual Source Safe
  • Disconnected Query Windows
  • Source Control Mapping
  • Hot keys for cycling through result windows
  • Ability to backup a database from the editor
  • Stored Procedure Unit Testing. ApexSQL Edit will allow you to easily create test plans for your stored procedures and execute a set of tests with the click of a button, getting back pass/fail results with the error messages you provide
  • Statement Logging to allow all statements executed by the editor to be logged in a database with relevant information
  • Exporting to HTML
  • Table, Procedure, Column and Column Value Intelliprompt
  • XML Queries
  • Drill down and around
  • Quick Info allows the user to get more information about particular values from a result set without having to execute a separate query
  • Custom SQL Formatting
  • ApexSQL Edit provides several different means to save and print results. ApexSQL Edit will save results as XML, CSV, and HTML
  • Visual interface for Table Join navigation
  • Quick Query - allows you to simply select a table and then enter values for any number of columns in the table and retrieve the results very quickly
  • Auto-Replacement - You can define your own custom replacement tokens