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BlackCompass DocLibTool

Significantly enhance your SharePoint document library.

Published by BlackCompass
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2009

About BlackCompass DocLibTool

Significantly enhance your SharePoint document library.

BlackCompass DocLibTool provides a comprehensive set of features that allows users and administrators to better understand and control their SharePoint document libraries. It lets you report, audit, monitor activity, move/import/export and view detailed permissions on document libraries and library items. BlackCompass DocLibTool is available for the following types of SharePoint document libraries: Document library, Image library, Pages library (for publishing sites) and Wiki library.

BlackCompass DocLibTool Availability - BlackCompass DocLibTool is available for the following types of SharePoint document libraries

  • Document library
  • Image library
  • Pages library (for publishing sites)
  • Wiki library

BlackCompass DocLibTool Key features:

  • Summary report - key facts and statistics
  • Permission walker - who has access to what, walk the permision hierarchy
  • Change log viewer - library activities and changes over time
  • Audit viewer - full audit (more comprehansive but more overhead than change log)
  • Move or clone library - move library anywhere within the same SharePoint farm
  • Import/Export library - move library to another SharePoint farm
  • Library item power download - download all versions as a zip file
  • Individual file Permission Walker
  • Individual file Audit

Summary report - Summary report shows key facts and statistics of your document library, such as file count, total library size on disk, largest folder and so on. This report will give you excellent insight of your document library. You can also create permenant views of certain aspects of the library, such as "files modified in the last 7 days", "file by its types", "Draft Files" and so on.

Permission walker - Permission walker gives an easy view of all groups and users who has access to the document library. Each group/user's permission set is also shown, so with permission walker, it is easy to go right down to the single permission level (call "rights" in SharePoint). Another advantage of the permission walker is search. Often there are multiple groups associated with the document library, and each group may contain many users. It is not easy to look through each groups and make sure the right user has been assigned with the right permission. The search feature of permission walker will look through all groups and compile a detailed permission report for the searched user or group. Permission walker is also available on the individual file level, since in SharePoint you can secure individual files.

Change log viewer - Change log is a feature in SharePoint, switched on by default. Everytime an item has been added, modified or deleted in the document library, SharePoint records this action as a "Change".View of a page is not a "Change", if you need to have a complete audit trail, refer to the "Audit Trail" feature below. With the change log viewer, you can see document library changes over time , this is a good indication of the usefulness of the document library. Two visual charts are available, a bar activity chart will show changes versus time, this chart will give you a good idea of the document libray's activity over time. A pie chart by change type will show change types count (for example, you may see 60% or your change is "Modify" and 40% percent of your change is "Delete")

Audit trail viewer - Auditing offers the ability to record a complete audit trail. With the audit trail, you can audit all user actions, all system actions since the time you switch on auditing. Auditing is also available on the individual file level, so you can audit a single file in the document library. Compare to change log, auditing provides more information, however, it has more performance cost and it is not switched on by default by SharePoint.

Content migration - Often you will need to move the content of the document library elsewhere. DocLibTool offers a convenient and consistent way to import, export, clone and move document libraries.To move document libraries within the same SharePoint farm, use the "move or clone" feature. Content can also be moved to another SharePoint farm. To move document libraries to another SharePoint farm, use the "import" and "export" feature.

File level features - Permission walker and audit trail are available on individual file level. File power download allows you to download all versions of a file into a single zip file.