CADMAI is a CAD framework which can either be used as a standalone CAD application or as an integration module for 3rd party applications and SOA environments. CADMAI is a relational CAD system, which has its main focus in the parametric 2D and 3D design. CADMAI is associative, which means that not only are crosshatching / dimensions related to defined geometry but any other entities can be linked to each other. CADMAI is distributed as a stand alone CAD application including client server components for SOA environments. These end user applications have been created with the included API modules, which can also be used for creating individual applications with CAD functionality. CADMAI provides four API's which are each available in native C++ and .NET versions. In addition to that a CADMAI ActiveX and a .NET Control are available to enrich dialog based applications with CAD functionality.

CADMAI consists of the following modules:

  • The main application for creating relational models
  • The ActiveX / DotNet Control, which can be embedded in your own applications and serves either as an integrated viewer or as an interactive CAD module
  • A windows API which enables CADMAI to run in native windows in an external application
  • An Object API which can be used as an independent geometry library
  • Batch modules which allows the usage of CADMAI batch processes and the control of loaded CADMAI...

Latest News

CADMAI 4.7 released
CADMAI 4.7 released
New version adds support for the 3MF format used in 3D printing.
CADMAI updated
CADMAI updated
CADMAI updated
CADMAI updated
CADMAI adds WPF control
CADMAI adds WPF control
Open, modify and save local CADMAI models from your WPF applications.
CADMAI 4.3 adds Unicode support
CADMAI 4.3 adds Unicode support
New version also supports the definition of different fonts in a model and adds Korean language resources.
CADMAI 4.2.1 released
CADMAI 4.2.1 released
CADMAI Web Browser Plugin now supports Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 12.

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