CData ADO.NET Subscription

CData ADO.NET Subscription offers comprehensive access to CData ADO.NET Driver technologies, giving .NET applications connectivity with applications, databases, and Web APIs. The drivers effectively create a SQL abstraction layer for real-time data integration from more than 80 SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data sources and provides a single SQL interface to data and insulate users from the challenges and complexities of integrating with individual APIs, SDKs, and services.

Professional and Enterprise Subscriptions

The ADO.NET Subscriptions are available in two packages: Professional and Enterprise. The subscriptions are virtually identical except for data source coverage. The Professional Subscriptions offer essential data connectivity to many popular Applications, Databases, and APIs. The Enterprise Subscriptions include all of the data sources in the Professional Subscription, plus additional drivers supporting a wide range of Enterprise applications...

Latest News

CData ADO.NET Subscription 2017 Vol. 3
CData ADO.NET Subscription 2017 Vol. 3
Enhanced metadata discovery and extensive support for dynamic schemas, plus updates to Xamarin Providers.
CData ADO.NET Subscription Q2 2017
CData ADO.NET Subscription Q2 2017
Enhanced query engine with deep query normalization, complex queries, and rich support for SQL aggregates.
CData ADO.NET Subscription
CData ADO.NET Subscription
Comprehensive access to CRM, Accounting, Marketing & Cloud platform data from ADO.NET.

Prices from: $ 979.02

ADO.NET Subscriptions are licensed per-developer. A license must be purchased for every developer that uses the Drivers or Data Providers included within the subscription. Are there any distribution...

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