CData JDBC Subscription

CData JDBC Subscription includes more than 100+ pure Java type 4/5 JDBC drivers. It offers comprehensive access to application, database, and Web API data through familiar and easy-to-use tools. Whether you connect from popular BI, Reporting or ETL Tools, you can use the cutting-edge driver technologies for easy, fast, and secure access to your data.

Professional and Enterprise Subscriptions

The JDBC Subscriptions are available in two packages: Professional and Enterprise. The subscriptions are virtually identical except for data source coverage. The Professional Subscriptions offer essential data connectivity to many popular Applications, Databases, and APIs. The Enterprise Subscriptions include all of the data sources in the Professional Subscription, plus additional drivers supporting a wide range of Enterprise applications.


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CData JDBC Subscription Vol. 1 2019
CData JDBC Subscription Vol. 1 2019
New Connection Builder and performance updates.

Prices from: $ 979.02

JDBC Subscriptions are licensed per desktop user, and do not include licensing for distribution. Developers may use the Drivers to build packaged software, develop reports, or access data through...

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