About cDevWorkflow

An embeddable workflow engine for .NET developers.

cDevWorkflow is a Business Process Management (BPM) system that enables users to track and control business activities. It includes an HTML5, graphical, embeddable workflow designer and a rules execution engine. It helps users build and execute workflows easily and intuitively.

cDevWorkflow Features

Embeddable .NET Workflow Software Engine

  • Fully distributed. Run on a single server or on many servers to balance the load.
  • Fully automated fall-over monitoring and processing.
  • Tracks processing information.
  • All information persisted to the database.

Workflow Rules Engine

  • Process simple or complex rules.
  • Use in-memory compilation for high performance.
  • Any C# expression that you can type in Visual Studio can be used.
  • Use variables within rules.
  • Test expressions using the Configuration Manager.

Workflow Designer

  • Fully graphical web-based process designer.
  • Just drag and drop and configure the step properties.
  • WYSIWYE - What you see is, what you execute.
  • 40+ out-of-the-box steps.
  • Build and use your own custom steps and data types.
  • Embed the designer in any application, comes as an ASP.NET server control.
  • Stores workflow definitions as XML.

Forms Designer

  • Fully graphical web-based forms designer.
  • Build forms with a few simple clicks.
  • Build data lookups using database or web-service connections.
  • Use file attachments and digital signatures within forms.
  • Route forms within workflow processes using form steps.

Workflow Configuration Manager

  • Includes user dashboard.
  • Manage all configurations for the product.
  • Create and manage workflow definitions.
  • Create and manage workflow instances.
  • View application status, licensing, upgrade information.
  • Render definitions and instances graphically, drill down to view detailed execution information.

Workflow Business Analytics

  • View analytics on how instances are processed.
  • View analytics on least/most used execution paths.
  • Use analytics to view how variables change during execution.
  • Full audit report for workflow instances.
  • Full Business Intelligence API.

Workflow Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

  • Configure events and event handlers.
  • Build your own custom event handlers.
  • Publish events.
  • Support event driven processing.
  • High performance service processing events.

Workflow API – Application Programming Interface

  • Full C# .NET 4.0 API.
  • Full web-service API.
  • Fully documented API.
  • Google forum with many code samples.


  • Archive Workflow Instances.
  • Archive Form Instances.