About Centerprise Data Integrator

Data integration made easy.

Centerprise Data Integrator is an enterprise-level data integration solution to quickly and easily migrate, transform and profile data from any application or file, without the enterprise level investment. Centerprise Data Integrator provides a powerful, scalable, high-performance integration platform designed to be used by your business information experts.

Centerprise Data Integrator allows you to leverage your organization's information assets. Reliable and timely data isn't a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.You need to share information with internal teams and applications, clients, and business partners. Centerprise Data Integrator provides a powerful, scalable, high-performance and affordable integration platform designed to be used by your business information experts.

Integration Made Easy

  • Easy to use: Intuitive, user friendly interface designed to be easy enough for business users, yet robust enough for technical users
  • Easy to Manage: Allows business users to handle data with minimal IT support
  • Comprehensive: Exchange data with a virtually any aplication, databases and format
  • Reduce Errors: Minimize development risk, reduce time-to-production, and eliminate error-prone hand-coded data conversion.
  • Reusable: Build transformations specific to your application once and deploy everywhere. Quickly adapt these transformations for future versions.
  • Better Business Information:Reduce issues due to data integration, data quality, or data availability issues
  • Information Visibility - from individual errors to aggregate data and error statistics.
  • Automate: automate data exchanges using scheduling, file drop events, and API calls

Enterprise-level Integration for Everyone
Centerprise Data Integrator delivers a high performance, extensible, and usable integration platform that delivers a visible and flexible integration environment.

  • Data integration solution that includes data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling
  • 100% managed .NET code: Provides a reliable, scalable and secure platform
  • Flexible: You can choose from multiple integration scenarios and control individual users' view of data integration
  • Reusable - Build it once and reuse in other scenarios
  • High-performance parallel processing engine that will deliver the performance and scale with your business needs

Centerprise Data Integrator Features:

Integrated Development Environment
Centerprise 5 features a professional integration environment with extensive drag and drop functionality and powerful development and debugging features. Key IDE features include:

  • Intuitive, clutter-free user interface featuring visual tools to provide a natural flow and a familiar look and feel
  • Drag and drop user interface with single click operations for creating data sources and destinations, auto mapping, and auto field creation
  • Unlimited undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, and other features common in enterprise applications
  • Use of context menus to provide handy access to relevant commands and shortcuts
  • Collaborative,team-friendly project structure featuring integration with version control

Data Transformation

  • Complex data flows using the full complement of built-in field and record-level transformations. Built-in transformations include lookups, expressions, functions, join, sort, merge, union, normalize, denormalize, route, filter, and others
  • Single click WYSIWYG data preview and quick profile features enable testing and debugging of dataflows
  • Subflows to create reusable transformations that can be used in other dataflows and subflow
  • Database write strategies provide fine-grained control over database writes. Built-in strategies include diff processing, incremental update, slowly changing dimensions, and rule-based
  • Custom data sources, destinations, and transformations using the extensibility APIs

Data Quality and Profiling
Centerprise integrates data integration, data quality, and profiling features in a single, more manageable environment which facilitates the creation of data integration jobs with built-in profiling, quality measurement, and data cleansing.Profiling and data quality features include:

  • Data Quality mode provides functionality to track record level errors and route or process records based on errors
  • Validation Rules transformations to validate data against business rules and add errors to individual records
  • Data profile transformations provide aggregate statistics and record level error information

Job Flow, Scheduling and Execution

  • Visual workflow designer that provides the functionality for defining task flows, branching, and dependencies. Built-in workflow tasks include FTP upload and download, file system actions, send mail, run programs, execute SQL scripts, and the ability to run dataflows and workflows.
  • Ability to restart jobs from the failure point.
  • Extensive parameterization features to facilitate deployment and reusability.
  • Built-in scheduler provides the ability to trigger jobs based on a specific schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly). Jobs can also be triggered using file drops and API calls.

Extensibility and Openness

  • .Net APIs to add custom functions, sources, destinations, and transformations
  • APIs to interact with a server for starting, monitoring, and cancelling jobs
  • All system documents including dataflows, workflows, data models, and others are stored as standard XML to simplify administration

Performance and Scalability

  • High-performance parallel processing engine takes full advantage of multicore and multiprocessor hardware to deliver superior performance and scalability
  • Server performance scales virtually in direct proportion to processing power available. Doubling the number of CPUs or cores usually results in doubling the throughput
  • Native bulk load support for popular databases is designed to efficiently process very high data volumes

Centerprise Data Integrator Business Needs

Data Exchange with Customers and Partners
B2B data exchange takes place via flat files, XML files, services, EDI, and other means. Organizations receive data from a variety of business partners, government agencies, third party data aggregators, and others.

Data formats vary between partners and even between different transfers with a single partner. It is not uncommon to see large teams of IT and business resources dedicated to transforming, validating, and cleansing incoming data from various sources. These teams commonly use a jumble of homegrown systems, ad-hoc programs, and off-the-shelf programs such as Excel, Access, and others to perform these tasks. Adding a new data source requires significant development work and impedes the business’s ability to integrate new customers and partners. Moreover, regulatory and compliance issues requiring improved auditing, tracking, and security capabilities means that this approach is no longer sustainable.

The Centerprise 5 feature set reflects Astera’s deep experience in data validation, cleansing and transformation. With Centerprise, data conversion specialists can now:

  • Quickly bring in new data formats
  • Deal with inconsistencies such as data format differences and data quality errors

Integrated data validation and profiling features highlight and resolve data quality issues.

Data Migration
Need to migrate data as part of a merger integration process? Moving to a new in-house developed or package application as part of a legacy modernization effort? Data migration is  time-consuming, risky, and resource intensive. Most IT projects bog down or fail outright because of data migration issues.

A data migration project requires developing a deep insight into structure and quality of data in source systems, understanding differences between source and target systems, and deploying the appropriate toolset and human resources. Due to typically large data volumes, scalability and performance are essential to any data migration platform.

Centerprise’s high-performance, parallel processing engine ensures an efficient migration process by providing the speed and scalability needed for very high volume data migrations while the integrated validation and profiling features provide clear visibility into all aspects of data migration.

Application Data Integration
IT organizations of all size now face the challenge of integrating disparate on-premise and SaaS applications. As these applications evolve and their use expands, the integration code must be modified to support the evolving business needs. Development and maintenance of these integration points via manual coding or hard to use enterprise level products consumes a significant portion of IT budget, and valuable time.

Centerprise brings a new level of efficiency and transparency to the application integration process. Centerprise’s high-performance engine facilitates faster data transfers between applications. Its visual approach to managing data integration brings major productivity improvements in developing and maintaining integration jobs.

Centerprise’s strong integration with version control systems such as Microsoft Team Foundation ensures that teams spanning the globe and time zones can collaborate on integration projects.

The upcoming features for real-time data integration will further this capability and support near real-time and real-time integration where your business needs demand.

Data Warehousing
Data warehouses and data marts provide the business intelligence needed for timely and accurate business decisions. High quality ETL functionality is vital to the success of any data warehousing project. Ability to pull data from a variety of application silos, cleanse, transform, and aggregate data in a timely fashion establishes your data mart as a reliable tool that your organization can depend on for decision making insight. Hand-coding of these ETL jobs is no longer a viable option for any nontrivial project.

Centerprise data integrator’s breadth of connectors coupled with its high-speed parallel processing engine provide your organization with the tools needed to efficiently process high data volumes. The sophisticated data flow and data quality features ensure that you're able to meet the most demanding data transformation requirements, quickly, accurately and easily.

Centerprise’s built-in Slowly Changing Dimension write strategy applies a fast compare-and-update algorithm to quickly process the largest dimension tables with relative ease. High speed data-loading using bulk loads, lookup caching, and other optimizations ensure that you can process high volume fact table loads on the fly.Data validation and profiling features give you greater insight into the quality of your data as part of your ongoing improvement process.

Centerprise Data Integration Standard v Professional Edition
Centerprise Data Integration Professional has the following additional features over the Standard Edition.

Premium Transformations

  • Merge
  • Distinct
  • Union
  • Subflow
  • Normalize
  • Denormalize
  • Text Parsers (Delimited, Fixed Length, XML)

Data Quality Package 

  • Data Quality Mode
  • Data Quality Rules
  • Field Profiler
  • Data Profile       
  • Data Model Source       

Change Data Capture

  • Incremental Read
  • Incremental Load
  • Data Synchronization       

Team Module

  • Project
  • Version Control
  • Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation

Premium Connectors

  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • Access       
  • Data Model and Data Model Source
  • Rule Based Write Strategy