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ClearDB Documenter easily and quickly documents a complete set of schema (tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, etc.) and non-schema (contexts, directories, profiles, users, roles, etc.) object types as well as source code modules (packaged and stand-alone subroutines) for Oracle versions up to 12c. Moreover, each source code module is analyzed for its structure and architecture. A set of quality control metrics about the code is generated to identify possible error prone procedures based on complexity, size and modularity.

ClearDB helps to keep PL/SQL code reliable, testable and manageable. Industry accepted complexity measures (McCabe, Halstead and Maintainability Index, MI) are used. The code review module catches over 60 common coding mistakes and gives suggestions for good programming practices. Our PL/SQL Parser supports up to 99% of SQL and PL/SQL documented keywords and reserved words.  ClearDB Documenter provides PL/SQL code formatting, analyzing and visualizing (Flowcharts and Call Tree diagrams and CRUD...

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ClearDB Documenter 4 released
ClearDB Documenter 4 released
New version adds Entity Relationship diagrams that visualize tables or views and their relationships.
ClearDB Documenter v3 released
ClearDB Documenter v3 released
Create and compare database documentation for Oracle databases.
ClearDB Documenter now available
ClearDB Documenter now available
ClearDB Documenter 2.5.1 automatically produces database documentation from an Oracle database instance.
New database tools for Oracle developers
New database tools for Oracle developers
Conquest Software Solutions joins ComponentSource launching ClearDB Documenter, ClearSQL and SQLDetective.

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