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ClearDB Documenter is an Oracle database documenter that generates complete and detailed documentation for Oracle databases up to 12c. It documents 59 database object types, their status and dependencies, the structure and source code modules. In depth analysis and illustration of PL/SQL and the database is available via Flowcharts, Call Trees, ER and R&D diagrams, CRUD matrices of PL/SQL code. The “clickable” visualisation of the database provides an instantaneous overview and understanding of complex structures.

ClearDB Documenter includes a comprehensive and detailed Security Audit of your Oracle database. It checks more than 600 potential DB security issues. It detects weak and insecure passwords, detailed assessments of users and schemas for least privileges; tests for root kits, back doors and forensic evidence of possible attacks; reviews user privileges and profiles and detects duplicate rights granted in the database; checks PL/SQL for obvious security coding vulnerabilities; performs many more...

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ClearDB Documenter adds Database Security Audit
ClearDB Documenter adds Database Security Audit
Checks more than 600 potential security risks for Oracle Databases.
ClearDB Documenter 4 released
ClearDB Documenter 4 released
New version adds Entity Relationship diagrams that visualize tables or views and their relationships.
ClearDB Documenter v3 released
ClearDB Documenter v3 released
Create and compare database documentation for Oracle databases.
ClearDB Documenter now available
ClearDB Documenter now available
ClearDB Documenter 2.5.1 automatically produces database documentation from an Oracle database instance.
New database tools for Oracle developers
New database tools for Oracle developers
Conquest Software Solutions joins ComponentSource launching ClearDB Documenter, ClearSQL and SQLDetective.

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