About Code Compare Pro

Source Code file and folder comparison tool.

CodeCompare Pro is an efficient tool for folder synchronization and source comparison and merging. It takes into account different programming languages (C#, Visual Basic, XML, XAML, etc.) and offers two- and three- way comparison. CodeCompare Pro is distributed as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application.

CodeCompare Pro is a file and folder comparison tool that demonstrates a new way of source code comparison. Advanced comparison approaches, which accommodate the specifics of different programming languages, offer a significant advantage in source code comparison. CodeCompare Pro is designed based on the programmer to programmer philosophy and perfectly fits the needs of developers. Visual Studio integration makes it possible to perform all of the development and merging operations within one environment at the same time.

CodeCompare Pro Features

  • Programming Language Oriented Comparison - Forget about complications with source code movements. CodeCompare Pro allows you to compare your sources as code. Structure and Lexical comparison allow you to work with sources taking into account specific features of the programming language.
  • Seamless Visual Studio Integration - CodeCompare Pro is distributed as a Visual Studio add-in and as a standalone application. The Visual Studio add-in offers you the additional benefits such as one environment for development and comparison and enhanced intellisense and code navigation in your project context
  • 3-way Comparison and Merge - This is a reliable way to compare and merge different revisions of file and merge. CodeCompare Pro allows you to switch between comparison modes as needed.
  • Folder Synchronization - Compare your solution revisions even if you don't have source control. CodeCompare Pro provides extensive functionality for folder comparison and merging. This application is very useful for detecting changes in different versions of source code or Web pages.

CodeCompare Pro Features

  • Two-way comparison  
  • Two-way merge  
  • Visual studio integration  
  • Intellisense  
  • Syntax highlighting  
  • Code folding  
  • Bookmarks  
  • Windows Shell integration  
  • Show inline changes  
  • Unicode support  
  • Command line support  
  • Folder comparison and merge  
  • Lexical comparison
  • Three-way comparison  
  • Three-way merge  
  • Moved block detection  
  • Structure comparison  
  • Difference explorer  
  • Similar lines detection