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ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF

A highly interactive control for date range selections.

Published by ComponentArt
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2008


ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF is available as part of ComponentArt Data Visualization for WPF and ComponentArt Data Visualization for .NET Ultimate.

ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF

ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF was designed to enable quick & intuitive date range selections. Developers can specify the allowed date range as well as any number of date/time drill levels: decades, years, quarters, months, weeks, days, hours, minute, seconds or milliseconds. The user navigates through time and makes date selections by clicking, dragging, zooming, scrolling, using the mouse wheel or using SHIFT and CTRL keys. All operations are quick, easy and intuitive. . ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF has been optimized to quickly handle many thousands of time nodes: scrolling, zooming and drilling is extremely responsive, even with very large time spans.

ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF can be used standalone without any additional controls. However, its true power is unlocked through tight integration with ComponentArt's XyChart control, which provides the all-important visual context of the data that the user is navigating.

ComponentArt TimeNavigator for WPF - A Comprehensive Collection of Visualizations
TimeNavigator supports embedding any custom control that is able to render content over the date/time axis. ComponentArt XyChart has been...


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