Content Panda

In-context and on-demand help and training within the SharePoint and Office 365 user interface.

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Distributed by ComponentSource since 2019

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About Content Panda

In-context and on-demand help and training within the SharePoint and Office 365 user interface.

Content Panda provides SharePoint and Office 365 users with guidance in their day-to-day tasks by offering a variety of in-context training and help materials such as video's, step-by-step guides and even computer based training. It creates confident users by giving them in-depth, flexible help and training, whenever and wherever they need It. The in-context help and training offers a variety of training materials to consume, whether adding a new document to a library or creating a new team site, users can just click the panda to access video's, step-by-step guides or computer-based training.

Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 has helped more than 500,000 people transform their online user experience.

  • World-class content out-of-the-box - No prior SharePoint of Office 365 experience necessary. Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 comes with hundreds of SharePoint & Office 365 training topics, help articles, and videos the moment you install it.
  • Built for SharePoint & Office 365 - No pop-ups. No disjointed integrations. No asking end-users to install software they don’t know how to use. Content Panda is managed centrally in SharePoint & Office 365, requiring no user installation.
  • Rapid return on investment - Easy to install and deploy, Content Panda for SharePoint & Office 365 helps customers realize a return on their investment in less than 3 months.
  • In-Context, On-Demand Help Content - A superior user experience starts with great content, right at the moment of need.
    • Content Panda comes with hundreds of help topics, articles, and videos from Combined Knowledge, Microsoft, and renowned industry influencers
    • Create custom content and link it easily to Panda Panels within SharePoint, Office 365 web apps, or any web application
    • Display content for any element of a SharePoint page or Office 365 web application, and filter them by location
    • Filter training content using native SharePoint & Office 365 security and user groups
  • Centralized Management Console - Leverage Content Panda’s one-stop-shop platform to customize your company’s SharePoint & Office 365 user experience with drag-and-drop ease.
    • Supervise content creation, modification and usage
    • Quickly manage permissions and branding
    • Create custom content packs for audience targeting
    • Receive and apply Content Panda product updates automatically
    • Access user analytics reports
  • Unmatched Compatibility - Content Panda supports on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid SharePoint deployments, all Office 365 web applications, as well as numerous internet browsers - whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
    • Supported Platforms:
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
      • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
      • SharePoint Online
      • Office 365 Web Applications
      • Any Web Based Application
    • Supported Browsers:
      • Apple Safari
      • Google Chrome
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Mozilla Firefox