Convert to PDF now available

November 18, 2009


  • Easy to Use Interface
    Quickly find the options you need to create the type of PDF you want. The user-oriented interface lets you change your PDF creation options on-the-fly, without having to print again.
  • Quick Create with One-Click Capabilities
    For fast PDF creation, Convert to PDF can be set up in seconds to automatically create your PDF directly from the Print button of your application.
  • Works from any Windows Program
    You only need one program to be able to convert from any Windows application. If you can print from your Windows program, then Convert to PDF can create a PDF.
  • Control Document Access with PDF Security
    Secure document contents by password protecting your PDF; limit access to document contents by restricting printing, text and graphics copying and document manipulation.
  • Custom Printer Creation for Added Flexiblity
    Routinely creating PDF files with different security options or page sizes is a breeze with Convert to PDFs custom printers. No more flipping through options each time you print; just pick the custom printer and go.
  • Control PDF Size
    Creating the smallest PDF possible that still looks good is easy with Convert to PDFs fully customizable image compression, image downsampling and font embedding options.