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Perform visual enhancements and functionality improvements on Visual Basic applications.

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Crescent QuickPak dan [CA, USA] 08-Feb-2015 07:13:20

I'm trying to install Quickpak Pro 4.5 on win 8.1 and got message 'can't install, need newer version.' I tried run as administrator, tried compatibility of xp sp3, didn't work, couldn't install on win 8.1. Any ideas? Help.

Crescent QuickPak - HUGE problem giorgi.piero [CA, USA] 26-May-2013 05:52:40

Hello, everyone.

I am experiencing a horrible situation, caused by Crescent QuickPak Pro.

In the mid-90's a programmer that doesn't work here anymore wrote a a=rather nice piece of software that is used to gather data from instrumentation, and (God only knows why) used the Encrypt2 routine from QuickPak Pro to encode the data in an Access database.

Now, we are in the process of scrapping the old machines, and we *NEED* to transfer the data in a SQL Server database using VB.NET (2010 or 2012).

Here comes the pain... There is NO support for QuickPak Pro in the .NET environment. None. Zero. Zilch.

Any of you guys knows how the Encrypt2 routine works, so I can duplicate the working in .NET?

Thank you!


Crescent QuickPak & Corruption jprobb [NJ, USA] 02-May-2013 14:33:51


I've been using QuikPak4.0 for years (literally). Have it with VB6 in a Microsoft Windows 2002 XP sp3. Almost every program that we've created for our company uses at least one or more QP components. Yesterday, I compiled a program that uses the components and it compiled fine. When I returned to the program source code in VB I tried to "run" the program and it just started to compile and the program closed with no warning...just shut down. I tried it a couple more times and it did the same thing. Tried it with other programs and it did the same thing. I uninstalled VB 6 and reinstalled it...tried again with the same exact results.

Went to VBForum and left a message for help. A person knowledgable in VB 6 said that they had the same problem some time ago and it was due to a third party software used in the program that was corrupted. There was no way at add/remove programs to remove QP; so I deleted the entire directory and reinstalled QP. The programs still did not work.

That vb expert said to try to build a program from only the controls in VB 6 and see if it would work, if so it is the other third party software. I built a simple program without QuikPak and it worked fine.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? This is critical because, as I said almost every program we've built for our company has QP4.0 controls. I really Need can email me at

Thanks in advance for any assistance and/or suggestions


Crescent QuickPak go2mmusa [USA] 14-Jun-2007 18:31:11

We have Crescent QuickPak VB/J++ Ver 4.41 running on VB6 and we are planning to upgrade application to VB.NET. I would like to know if this version works in VB.NET?? What changes required for upgrade. OR was there any upgrade path for this product??

Crescent QuickPak bo.strahle [Sweden] 24-Apr-2007 16:41:59

I would like to know if the Crescent Quickpak VB/J++ 1.12 is fully comatible with the latest version of this product. That is will my application work without any modifications if I switch to the new version.

Thank you for a quick answer


Bo Strahle

Crescent QuickPak alvin_tob [India] 16-Apr-2007 09:32:27

I would like to know if Crescent Quickpak is Compatible with Windows Vista?

Crescent QuickPak marcus.jobson [USA] 23-Aug-2006 21:09:27

I am working with the control sicrEdit. For some reason, it will no longer allow a couple of users to enter in a decimal point.

Is this a known issue? If so, what is causing it and what can be done to resolve it.

RE: Crescent QuickPak atsugi24 [Canada] 06-Sep-2006 13:55:23

Hi! I have the same problem concerning "I am working with the control sicrEdit. For some reason, it will no longer allow a couple of users to enter in a decimal point."
for one of my user.

Did you find a fix for that? If so, please send me an email at

Thank you,


Crescent QuickPak joselz [Mexico] 28-Jul-2006 18:35:41

I am working with the control SIDBEDIT, in which single I have defined that uses 4 whole numbers. When capturing the 4 digits and seeing the content of the data with property TEXT, me this eliminating the last digit for example:

control.text = 1234 control_2.text = 123.

In the previous versions of the control if it respected the 4 digits. My question is if it is normal east behavior or I require of some update of the control or visual BASIC 6,0 or in its case of Windows

Crescent QuickPak marco.perestrello [Portugal] 22-Dec-2003 11:34:37

Does the cstext32.ocx component work in windows server 2003 ?

RE: Crescent QuickPak ben [New Zealand] 19-Apr-2004 20:53:30

We also have been having problems with the CSTEXT32.OCX on windows server 2003. I emailed and their response was:
"Crescent Quickpak version 4.41 can't run in a Windows Server 2003 environment.
This is one of the improvements that is in our version 4.53." They also say they have maintained backwards compatibility.