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DB Ghost Change Manager Professional

Script, build (compile), compare and synchronise databases.

Published by Innovartis
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2014

Version: 5.2

About DB Ghost Change Manager Professional

Script, build (compile), compare and synchronise databases.

DB Ghost Change Manager Professional includes tools that allow you to script out your databases into individual DROP/CREATE scripts, place those scripts under source control, modify them there and then build and deploy from those scripts. Once a database has been successfully scripted and placed under source control it can then be regarded as the "source database". Therefore, instead of developers keeping a database instance up to date with their changes they simply update the scripts in source control to reflect the desired schema.

DB Ghost Change Manager Professional Features

  • Script all object types into individual DROP/CREATE scripts, ready for checking in to source control.
  • Script data into boilerplate INSERT scripts.
  • Build databases from individual object scripts.
  • Highlight syntax, dependency and data errors.
  • Create a single script for the database build that can be reused.
  • Synchronize two databases making them match precisely.
  • Synchronize an existing database to a set of base schema creation scripts in your Source Management System. This means that your Source Management System itself provides a complete audit trail.
  • Insert custom scripts at the end of the build, before and after the synch process.
  • Create a script of the differences between two databases or base schema scripts and a target database.
  • Handle all types of database object and all complex interactions.
  • Intuitive, straightforward wizard based interface.
  • SessionSave facility lets you save your wizard answers for later reuse.