dBarcode.NET PDF417

dBarcode.NET PDF417 includes a fully-managed-code component and a WinForms Control for generating 2D barcode images in the .NET framework (version 2.0 or later). The component or control may be installed into the ToolBox of Visual Studio. Barcode images may be displayed on screen, printed on a printer, copied to the clipboard or saved as graphics file image. Includes methods for saving graphic images as files or memory streams with a specified resolution in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIF formats, or in EPS or WMF vector formats, and the component generates pattern strings for developers who wish to draw their own bars. When creating bitmap images the component may be set to adjust the width of the bars to be an integer number of pixels, ensuring that the resultant barcode is of high quality. The component also contains its own dialog box which may be used by the developer to allow the end-user to select barcode properties. The dBarcode.NET PDF417 Component supports PDF417, Micro PDF417 and Truncated PDF417 symbols, including ISO 15434 formats 05 and 06 for Micro PDF417.


  • Barcodes may be rotated through any angle
  • Bar colour and background colour may be user selected
  • Bar width control for wet-ink printing allows 0 - 50% width reduction
  • Properties dialog may be called to set all barcode properties - or they can be set at design time or programmatically

Latest News

dBarcode.NET V5.5 released
dBarcode.NET V5.5 released
New version supports Windows 10 and VS 2015.
dBarcode.NET improves Mouse support
dBarcode.NET improves Mouse support
New version allows run-time movement of the control and other mouse events to be handled in code.
dBarcode.NET V5.3 released
dBarcode.NET V5.3 released
dBarcode.NET Components patched to V4.1
dBarcode.NET Components patched to V4.1

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