About Exploring .NET

In this series of eBooks, Dan Appleman offers collections of shorter articles on a variety of .NET topics.

Though many were previously published, all have been updated and in many cases expanded for this collection. Most of the articles include both VB.Net and C# sample code.

Volume 1 Outline:

  • Control arrays in .NET. Missing your VB6 control arrays? Here is the next best thing - or is it even better?
  • Streams of Cryptonite - Learn how calendars in .NET can make it easy to localize your applications
  • What Day is it? - Learn about calendars and localization
  • Option Slow On - You probably know that VB.NET's Option Strict can make your code more reliable, but did you know it can make it faster?
  • String me along - A hardcore look at the inside of .NET strings, how to reference their internal memory - and how not to.
  • Attributes Revisited - Have you ever felt that custom attributes are really important, but can't quite tell why? Here's an example that might surprise you
  • I shot an arrow into the air - Intercepting keystrokes in .NET need not be a mystery, but that doesn't mean an article on the subject can't be written like one