Obfuscating .NET

Did you know that you ship your complete source code any time you distribute a .NET assembly? One of the consequences of the architecture of .NET is that a great deal of information... about an assembly is kept with the assembly in a part of the file called the Manifest.

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Obfuscating .NET

Obfuscating .NET is an eBook that explains the information that makes it remarkably easy to not just recompile the assembly, but to decompile it, make modifications, then recompile it. While such reverse engineering has always been possible, it is extraordinarily easy with .NET - a situation that is a significant problem to anyone distributing .NET applications or components who is concerned about protecting their intellectual property.

Obfuscating .NET: Protecting your code from prying eyes.

In this PDF-ebook, youll learn about a technique called Obfuscation, that can help you avoid this problem by removing unnecessary information from the metadata and scrambling some of the remaining information to make disassembled components fail to recompile. And youll receive an in depth look at one particular approach to obfuscating your .NET assemblies, along with a link to download Desawares new open source QND-Obfuscator at no...

Prices from: $ 39.15

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