Regular Expressions with .NET

It might surprise you to know that yet another language is built into Visual Studio – one that can be used in conjunction with VB .NET or any other .NET language. A language that is terse to such a degree that the term “concise” does not come close to describing its brevity of syntax. A language so cryptic that it can take hours to truly understand a single line of code. Regular Expressions with .NET is an eBook that introduces the Expression Language.

Expression Language is a language that can perform complex data validation tasks in a single line of code. It is a language that performs sophisticated search and replace operations on strings. It is a language that should be part of every programmers of tricks.

Expression Language is a language designed to parse and manipulate blocks of text.

This ebook is intended to be a complete introduction to Regular Expressions that can even be read and understood by programmers who have never heard of...

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