Tracing and Logging with .Net

In the ideal world, every application and component would be a black box that would work perfectly the first time, and that would fulfill its purpose without any need for human... intervention or review.

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Tracing and Logging with .Net

In practice, this ideal is rarely achieved. Real world applications need to be instrumented - meaning that there need to be ways for them to report on how they are working. This may mean producing detailed trace information to determine what the program is actually doing. It may mean logging information so that users can analyze what the program actually did - information that may be essential for measuring performance, for recovering from disaster, for detecting security breaches, and more.

The .NET framework includes powerful diagnostic tools that can be used to implement effective and highly configurable instrumentation for any application or component. The .NET documentation does cover the classes involved, but not in the kind of depth that the subject deserves, and it does not offer any real insight into the design patterns supported by those classes. It also lacks discussion of advanced techniques such as tracing directly into a database or creating unique trace listeners such...

Prices from: $ 9.75

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