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VersionStamper farrukhw [Pakistan] 18-May-2010 11:01:44

I am using version stamper on a 32 bit machine successfully from so many years. However recentley I need to shift to the 64 bit machine to build the code in 64 bit mode. Version Stamper is not installing on a 64 bit machine. I tried copying the dlls manually from 32 machine to 64 bit machine and manually registering them but with no much luck. What I need to do...? Do we have a 64 bit installer available for Version stamper.

Thanks in Advance


RE: VersionStamper 20-May-2010 10:10:43

I am sorry but I do not think you can install on 64bit operating systems.
The compatibility page states:
Operating System for Deployment
Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 95
Windows NT 3.51

Architecture of Product