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Designbox for Visual Studio

Build, use, and share your own Design Libraries from within Visual Studio.

Published by StudioWorks Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2009

Version: v2.3.2 Updated: Jan 18, 2013

About Designbox for Visual Studio

Build, use, and share your own Design Libraries from within Visual Studio.

Designbox is a new kind of Visual Studio Toolbox that lets you develop and reuse sets of properties and values called Designs. These control designs can be dragged and dropped directly into your WinForms applications to develop applications more quickly than ever. Designbox also contains a Design Gallery which lets you browse through and apply dozens of pre-defined designs to your WinForms controls with just a single click. 

Designbox for Visual Studio Features

  • The Designbox Tool Window - Your Designbox is a toolbox window that not only stores controls, but also stores sets of property values (called "Designs") that can be automatically applied when you drag-and-drop controls on your Form Designer. This means that you can add finished, rich content controls directly to your Forms more quickly than before.
  • The Design Gallery - The Design Gallery tracks your selected control on your design surface and shows you previews of designs that can be applied to that class of control. A single click then applies that design to the control. So not only can you create new controls that automatically have preset property values, but you can also apply pre-defined property values with content and style settings to existing controls.
  • Design = Content + Style - Designs can include values for any control property for any WinForms controls. Which means that you can capture and reuse template-like content Designs that contain structures like images, child controls, and tree nodes. Or you can create style Designs that capture a controls' color, font, and appearance properties, enabling you to add application styling and theming to any WinForms application
  • Shareable Design Palettes - Designbox organizes your Designs into shareable Xml based Design Palettes that you author and maintain. This approach allows you to capture, document, and reuse consistent Design Standards and best-practices personally, or throughout your enterprise. And since Designbox has the ability to serialize any WinForms control to Xml, it opens the door to converting your WinForms applications to WPF and Xaml
  • An Improved Design Experience - You probably still design most of your controls one property at a time. And you do this over and over again. Designbox delivers a new technology that can eliminate this cycle. Thereby making you and your organization more productive while, at the same time, reducing errors.