DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server Releases

Released: Aug 1, 2018

Updates in 18.1.5


  • Data Source Wizard  - An error occurs when a new report is bound to a filtered query.
  • The "Account does not exist or has been disabled by the administrator" error occurs after report server installation if the windows account name contains spaces.

Released: Jun 20, 2018

Updates in 18.1.4


  • Deleting a scheduled job leaves orphaned BinaryChunkOwner records in the Report Server database.
  • The modern design of the Report and Dashboard Server doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Web Report Designer - "The report layout has wrong format" error occurs on importing a REPX file that contains the CodeDOM serialization.
  • Web Report Designer - It is impossible to open a report if a data model used by the report is deleted.

Released: May 17, 2018

Updates in 18.1


  • A Modern Administrative Panel and Localization Support (CTP) - The DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server ships with a new Administrative Panel UI, with localization support.

Released: Mar 2, 2018

Updates in 17.2.6


  • WinForms Report Designer - A report's data source is incorrectly updated on converting a report created in previous versions.

Released: Jan 24, 2018

Updates in 17.2.5


  • Changing the Site URL in Report Server settings breaks connectivity with the worker application.
  • Report Designer - The Field List does not display fields for a stored procedure.
  • Report Server - Exporting large documents fails with an internal server error.
  • Report Server - Saving the document's draft causes the 'Document is not checked out' error.
  • Report Server Designer - Importing a local REPX file enables the backstage "Check In" command.
  • Report Server End-User Designer - The "Document is...

Released: Dec 13, 2017

Updates in 17.2.4


  • Error message "405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed" on saving an updated document in a web report or dashboard designer.
  • Invalid characters (0x00) are added to the end of the resulting XML file during the dashboard layout export.
  • It's not possible to delete a pending domain account after upgrading to v17.2.3.
  • Report Server Designer - "Parameters binding" doesn't reflect up-to-date subreport parameter values.

Released: Nov 16, 2017

Updates in 17.2.3


  • Dashboards and Report Import/Export - You can now transfer dashboard and report XML layouts between different instances of the DevExpress Report Server. Import/export options are available in the Document Details web page and the Web Designer menu.
  • Self-Service Registration - You can activate self-service registration when using Windows or an external authentication provider. This feature removes the need for Report Server admins to manually create accounts for new users. The account is...

Released: Nov 9, 2017

Updates in 17.1.8


  • Data Model Wizard doesn't show databases when not a default port number of the MySQL server is used.
  • DataModel - It is impossible to select a table if the used DataModel contains only one table.
  • It is impossible to specify a folder path if it contains the '$' sign.
  • Report Server Designer [Web] - The HtmlItemCreated script should be hidden.

Released: Sep 6, 2017

Updates in 17.1.6


  • Report Server - Calculated fields are not working if scripts are used.
  • It is impossible to choose another Export Mode except 'Single file page-by-page'.
  • The migration of a database is not correctly performed if MS SQL 2005 is used.

Released: Aug 2, 2017

Updates in 17.1.5


  • Dashboard - The OutOfMemory exception may be raised if a lot of data is displayed in a certain item.
  • It is impossible to pass a MultiSelect parameter as a query parameter to a stored procedure or a custom SQL query.
  • Report Server - Add extra time ranges for scheduling reports with DateTime parameters.
  • SqlDataSource - No result schema is returned for a given stored procedure starting from version 17.1.4.