DevExpress Report and Dashboard Server Releases

Released: Jun 29, 2017

Updates in 17.1.4


  • A scheduled task fails to create report documents with the "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message.
  • Dashboard Designer - The Preview button in the Query builder doesn't show a window with preview data if the query filter contains User Related Functions.
  • It is impossible to delete or change a scheduled task.
  • SqlDataSource - Use an enhanced MSSQL server API to retrieve metadata of the result set schema.

Released: May 17, 2017

Updates in 17.1.3


  • Dashboard Support - This release integrates DevExpress Dashboard with the Report Server. You can now create dashboards using the integrated Web Dashboard Designer, bind to SQL data sources, schedule and send dashboard documents via e-mail, etc. Dashboards support all Report Server features including Data Model binding, revision storage and permission management.
  • Working with Queries - DevExpress support SQL data sources provided by the Data Access Library, and improved a number of query...

Released: Mar 29, 2017

Updates in 16.2.6


  • Data Model - It's not possible to set the command timeout using report scripts
  • HTML5 Document Viewer - Enable the incremental searching feature for a dynamic list parameter editor
  • It's not possible to register a custom font in the Report Server Web Report Designer
  • ReportServer does not display a busy cursor after the Submit button is clicked, and an error is thrown if Submit is pressed twice

Released: Feb 28, 2017

Updates in 16.2.5


  • Adds support for Visual Studio 2017.

Released: Dec 14, 2016

Updates in 16.2.3


  • Billing Statement (Invoice) for Multiple Users - With v16.2, users can schedule and deliver reports (invoices) tailored and addressed to specific recipients. Each task can now generate multiple reports at once based on a single template.
  • Connection String Configuration UI - With this release, configuration of database connections has been simplified and made more intuitive.
  • Scheduled Tasks Management - API Improvements
    • Ability to obtain reports generated by a scheduled job.
    • Ability to...

Released: Nov 17, 2016

Updates in 16.1.8


  • Visual Studio 2017 RC support.


  • Report Server Designer [WinForms] - The HtmlItemCreated script should be hidden.

Released: Sep 7, 2016

Updates in 16.1.6


  • Data source validation fails for a stored procedure synonym: DevExpress.DataAccess.Sql.StoredProcParamCountValidationException: Parameter count mismatch: 1, 0 is expected

Released: Jun 23, 2016

Updates in 16.1.4


  • New Query Builder - The Report Server has been provided with a custom Query Builder dialog, enabling support for a significantly wider range of data providers.
  • Ability to specify much more message template parameters (e.g., Report Name, Report Category, etc.).
  • Ability to shift the date range for scheduled report parameters.
  • Ability to cancel sending an empty report generated by a scheduled task via e-mail.
  • Ability to export reports to a specified shared folder.
  • A Control Template...

Released: Jun 1, 2016

Updates in 15.2.10


  • Report Designer - Provide the capability to reuse predefined XRControl sets (control templates)

Released: Jul 21, 2015

Updates in this release

Updates in 15.1.5

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2015.