DevPartner for Visual C++ BoundsChecker Suite, Named Users Reviews

Do NOT buy, do not make the same mistake I did. If you wish to use the product on a new host (which might be the same computer, after installing a different operating system or platform), you will need a new license. The license is not tied to physical hardware like a network card or HD serial number. Microfocus will give you a new license file only if you pay them continuously for maintenance. You won't be able to use a product you paid for in full in the past. I ordered the product at this site, and currently cannot use the outdated software, which fits my needs, while the current version is incompatible with the compiler. This is the reply I got: "Thank you for contacting Micro Focus Supportline. We understand that you wish to rehost your license file. However, your serial number has expired maintenance since (...). Your account manager has been contacted so she may get in touch with you for the renewal process."
This application is one of the worst I've ever used. It took days to get the thing properly licensed and installed. The installation process was super painful--it was a step-by-step instruction guide which I had to go through by hand. Then the worst part: it didn't work! It took several days of tweaking the settings to start getting halfway decent results (for instance, it wouldn't catch intentional memory leaks...). The long and short is that this is a complex tool which has a lot of quirks and is very buggy. DO NOT expect this to work out of the box (if it works at all for you). Once I did get things sorta working, I found out that the performance is so terrible that I'm not able to test a 'real', complex application. I will highly recommend that you don't waste your time or money on this product or this company, especially with the super painful licensing 'strategy' they've chosen to employ. Honestly, who would want to steal such an impossible to use application?
The DevPartner team acknowledges that licensing developer tools properly is a tough challenge. Making commercial tools useful and friendly while discouraging piracy is a tightrope walk. However the DevPartner product team is happy to announce that in our latest version of DevPartner we've made some very significant changes in the licensing arena which includes the ability to allow user-driven server moves. This release also has many other new and enhanced features that are worthy of a second look, including early access to Visual Studio 2012 support. For full details I would advise checking out our DevPartner Studio Professional + Visual Studio 2012 BETA site for a free download of our latest product which can be found here: If you have any further DevPartner issues then please feel free to contact us. Our Publisher details can be found here: Many thanks, Sean Freemantle Micro Focus Disclaimer: I am a Micro Focus employee, yet the comments here are my own personal views.
QC, Canada
The licensing for this product makes it simply unusable. We have been users for many years but no longer. The very nature of debugging if the ability to test different environments and setups. This product makes it very hard to use on the one developer machine and impossible elsewhere. So keep your money for a real solution.
Somerset, United Kingdom
If you ever change your PC (and who doesn't!) then do NOT buy this product. The licensing system imposed by Micro Focus is overly-agressive and they make it as awkward as possible to move your license to a new PC. With most components you pay your money, agree to the license, and use it fairly. In return you don't expect hassle when doing something as routine as upgrading to a new PC. I regret puchasing this product and will phase it out. I will also avoid anything by the same authors in future.