What's New in DEXTUploadX

What is new in v3.2?

  • Support image preview in the FileUploadManager.
  • Support tooltip in image preview.
  • Support drag and drop to image preview.
  • Support execute feature when you double-click the image on image preview.
  • Support FileSize-Column Visible property in the ListView.
  • Support FileName-Column Width property in the ListView.
  • Support non-Header in the ListViewReport mode.
  • Support changing the title of Folder dialog and File dialog.
  • Support downloading automatically after selecting download folder.

What is new in v3.0?

  • Now supports dynamic size changes for ActiveX
  • Now supports setting up of background images for ListView
  • Now supports sorting ListView by column name
  • Support reception of HTTP status codes from the server when downloading.

What is new in v2.5.1?

  • Functional improvement; When selecting the cancellation button from the message box which asks the creation result folder in the download, at that time OnTransferCancel events to occur
  • The event addition; All operations of DEXTUploadX insides being completed event. (OnEndProc)

What is new in v2.5.1?

  • When applying Filter property, it offers same filtering for folder adding dialog box and Drag and Drop as well as filtering of file adding dialog box.

What is new in v2.5?

  • Supports changing display styles of files added on list view (ListViewFileStyle)
  • Provide property to activate/deactivate Drag&Drop (EnableDragDrop)
  • It supports POST type upload without separate Server Component (DEXTUpload Pro) by interlocking with "HTTP_POST_FILES", "_FILES" provided by PHP (EnablePHPFILES)
  • Modifies corresponding property value if user enters user setting information property (closing windows after completing transmission, etc) is entered even though the value of UseClientRegistry is TRUE