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Dialog Workshop Studio for .NET

Dialog Workshop Studio for .NET includes Dialog Workshop for WPF and Dialog Workshop.NET.

Published by ComponentAge Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2010

Dialog Workshop Studio for .NET

Dialog Workshop for WPF includes a set of dialog components optimized for WPF applications.  With Dialog Workshop for WPF you can: customize dialog captions and dialog position, dock your WPF Window to the left, right, top or bottom of a standard dialog's area, customize the dialog box icon and title and more. Dialog Workshop for WPF lets you declare your dialogs in code-behind or in XAML. Dialog Workshop.NET allows you to access all standard Windows common dialogs with minimal effort. Dialog Workshop.NET also lets you extend Windows dialogs without writing any code. Dialog Workshop.NET includes many features which do not exist in the original .NET dialog components: - "dock" your own WinForm to the dialog; - custom dialog items captions; - customized dialog startup position; - design-time support and more.

Dialog Workshop Studio for .NET includes Dialog Workshop.NET and Dialog Workshop for WPF.

Dialog Workshop.NET - The .NET Framework contains components that present standard dialog boxes (such as File Open, Font, etc.), which you can use in your applications. But standard dialog components are very simple – it’s not possible to extend these dialogs by adding extra controls, provide custom message processing etc. Dialog Workshop.NET gives you the ability to extend standard common dialogs in many...

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ComponentAge joins ComponentSource
ComponentAge joins ComponentSource
Dialog Workshop components let you easily access all standard Windows Common Dialog features in Windows Forms and WPF.
One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. 1-year subscription - Registered users get full technical support and free updates (fixes, new features, updates) during 1 year...
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