The Labels.NET Pro component is a fully-managed component for designing and printing labels complete with text blocks, shapes, lines and pictures. The component may be installed into the ToolBox of Visual Studio. Each element on the label may be specified by programming or by the run-time designer interface. Element data may be specified at design time or be loaded into field buffers during the Label event generated as each label is created. Each component includes a Visual Basic.NET demonstration program, complete with source code, that illustrates both user-design and programmed-design. The Pro version includes most common 1D, 2D (Aztec, Datamatrix, Databar, Maxicode, PDF417, QR Code) and GS1 Composite barcodes.

Labels.NET is a Windows Forms Component for the incorporation of label design and/or printing into Windows projects. The component is designed to integrate into Visual Studio.

All functions of the component may be controlled either by programming the components methods and properties using any .NET framework-compatible language, or by using the run-time design interface.

Labels may be any size handled by the target printer and each label may contain any number of text, picture and barcode...

Latest News

Labels.NET v6
Labels.NET v6
Adds support for twelve new Datamatrix Rectangular Extensions.
dLSoft improves Labeling
dLSoft improves Labeling
Easily add Rich Text elements to your labels.
Labels.NET updated
Labels.NET updated
dLSoft label products updated
dLSoft label products updated
Latest updates add a versatile date formatting function.

Prices from: $ 228.89

1 Computer License - will only work on the PC on which the product is installed, Developer License - license permits run-time distribution up to 10,000 copies, Labels.NET Standard Edition supports...

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