What's New in ComponentOne Doc-To-Help for Word 2012

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2012 v3

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 8, Word 2013, Internet Explorer 10 and Team Foundation Server 2012
  • Support for EPUB 3.0 - Doc-To-Help’s EPUB output has been tested and validated against the latest specification meaning it will work on as many devices as possible
  • Support for DISQUS 2012- Notable features include user voting, SEO optimization, and a personalized “My DISQUS” site
  • New localized Dutch themes - A Dutch language configuration has been added for NetHelp and Mobile Help.

Doc-To-Help 2012 v2 Updates

  • Visual Theme Designer - Forget about manually editing CSS and JavaScript files. Edit one of Doc-To-Help’s many themes with this point-and-click editor. Publishing Web-based outputs with your look and feel has never been easier.
  • ePub Output - Be the first to offer output for eReaders and tablets with Doc-To-Help’s new ePub output. Just select the ePub target and click “Build.” No development or design skills needed.
  • Optional Advanced Search Engine - Choose to use the server-based search engine for searching complex systems without a lag in performance.
  • Stream Live Content into Web Pages - Add a few simple lines of code to stream NetHelp content directly into your Web pages; the best way to make sure your users find the information they need.

What's new in Doc-To-Help 2012 v1

  • Mobile Help - Just select and build HTML 5-based output and your content will be formatted for mobile use. This output works on all major mobile browsers, smart phones, and tablet
  • Right-to-Left Output - Automatically publish NetHelp in right-to-left (RTL) format. Navigation panes, buttons, and all other interface elements are placed in the appropriate places so your right-to-left content looks right in context. This is great for publishing in languages such as Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Eclipse Help - Avoid manual work and produce Help in the Eclipse format just by choosing Eclipse Help and clicking "Build."
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support - Office 365 (Office's cloud version) includes, among other things, online versions of Word and SharePoint. You can use these versions just as the current SharePoint and Word integrations work.
  • Easier upgrade process - It is easier to preserve your custom themes and templates when upgrading your Doc-To-Help version.
  • Easily accessible NetHelp files for customization - The JavaScript NetHelp 2.0 that controls the behavior of NetHelp is contained in an easy-to-access file.
  • Automatic index navigation for NetHelp 2.0 - The index tab is automatically displayed or hidden depending on whether or not you have an index.
  • Section 508 compliance for NetHelp 2.0 - NetHelp 2.0 is now Section 508 compliant. We have added keyboard shortcuts, screen reader compatibility, and more.
  • Topic XHTML Wizard - Specify boilerplate content or code to insert in every topic.
  • Keep documents open during the build process (for Word users) - Before, it was necessary to close Word when building projects.

What's new in ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2011 V2

  • NetHelp 2.0 - Redesigned Web-based output, NetHelp. It is more lightweight, SEO friendly, easier to customize, and looks great. It is jQuery-based, so you can do virtually anything with it.
  • Industry first: Publish Help to SharePoint or a SharePoint Wiki - Automatically publish NetHelp to Microsoft SharePoint or create a SharePoint Wiki. The first uploads your NetHelp system to a SharePoint library. You can then link to it or show it in a Web Part. The second creates an editable SharePoint wiki while keeping your links, related topics, and TOC intact.
  • Improved Multi-Language Support - Doc-To-Help will handle virtually any combination of languages you need to use. ComponentOne have added three powerful features in this version.
    • When using the build-in editor, you can set a default spell checking language for each file.
    • Doc-To-Help will read the styles on your template no matter what language you are using.
    • Choose from the language for your NetHelp theme.
  • Improved Image Maps - ComponentOne have included a brand new image map editor in both the built-in editor and Microsoft Word. It is simple to make your images interactive.

More User Experience Improvements
Every release contains a number of features and enhancements Doc-To-Help users are asking for. Other improvements you will find in this release include:

  • Easier upgrade process: It is easier to preserve your custom themes and templates when upgrading your Doc-To-Help version
  • Improved project storage: Keep your project files anywhere on your network. Doc-To-Help will build with no problems
  • Build from Microsoft Team Foundation Server: It is easier to perform automatic builds when you store your Doc-To-Help project in Team Foundation Server

Doc-To-Help 2011 version 1 Update
The following fixes and enhancements are included in this release:

NetHelp JavaScript search:

  • The conjuction OR could return incorrect results if the search query contained a word that was absent in topics;
  • Compound words such as "Doc-To-Help" couldn't found;
  • If a word ended with a special German character, "highlight search hits" didn't work as expected;
  • Special characters (% $ @, etc.) couldn't be searched for;
  • Firefox couldn't load the search engine in NetHelp targets and always displayed "Loading search engine." (This issue only occurred in FireFox and only when the NetHelp target was hosted on Unix operating system);
  • Optimized memory usage by search engine;
  • Optimized speed of generating an index when building a target.

Manual targets:

  • The numbered lists before headings were not displayed correctly;
  • If cross-reference links had numbering, it didn't updating in LiveLinks mode and displayed incorrect numbers.


  • Not all documents could be displayed in the Document Import wizard when creating a new target translation project;
  • An unhandled exception could be thrown in the Share wizard when pressing next after showing list of files to share.

Building targets:

  • Themes weren't upgraded without errors when building a target with UAC enabled in Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • When building NetHelp or HTMLHelp target, a compilation error could occur if project folders contained ".svn" folders.

Dynamic Help has been updated for the "Movie in Flash Format Properties" dialog and for the Translation tab page.

Fixed SharePoint access through HTTPS.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2011

New NetHelp Search Engine
Doc-To-Help’s NetHelp output has a new search engine with exact phrase, fuzzy, Boolean, and synonym search. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. It is automatically built into every NetHelp output.

Build Scheduler
Doc-To-Help always allowed you to schedule builds via command line, but now there is a convenient interface to schedule one-off or recurring builds. Run your builds at night or start them and do something else while you wait.

Translation Support
Doc-To-Help integrates with SharePoint’s translation management features to help you manage and track translations.

User Experience Improvements
Every release contains a number of features and enhancements Doc-To-Help users are asking for. More items you will find in this release include:

  • Mark of the Web in NetHelp. Users will not get Internet Explorer warnings when running NetHelp on a local machine.
  • Improved picture resizing and a “close all documents” button in the editor. These two built-in editor enhancements help ensure that you will love to use Doc-To-Help.
  • New PDF Converter. You can now generate outputs using 64-bit operating systems.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2010 v3?

Integration with SharePoint:
Doc-To-Help Enterprise’s integration with SharePoint allows you to upload your content to a SharePoint library and take advantage of SharePoint’s management and workflow features. Doc-To-Help Enterprise works with SharePoint’s check in/check out features and permissions, so you get a complete source control and version control system without headaches.

  • Provides an easy way to use SharePoint, an industry standard technology, for documentation management
  • Provides translation support
  • SharePoint users can publish outputs from the documents that they have stored in SharePoint
  • Works with all editions of SharePoint (including free editions) 2007 and 2010.

Several Enhancements to improve User Experience:

Specify Exactly Where You Want Page Breaks
Doc-To-Help now gives you more options to control page breaks for print output. Specify where page breaks will fall when a specific style appears. A typical scenario is to place all Heading 1 styles on the next odd page, but you can do whatever you want. This is one more feature that ensures that you get usable print output without the need to post-format or use an additional tool.

Enjoy Continued User Experience Improvements
With every release, ComponentOne throw in some enhancements that make your life better. This time, enjoy a visual indicator for bookmarks in Doc-To-Help Enterprise’s editor, a new build progress bar, and a menu for inserting special characters.

Doc-To-Help 2010 V3 includes many enhancements designed to make the user more productive and efficient, save time and provide a more pleasant user experience.

  • Build Progress Bar provides valuable feedback to the user
  • Page Break Control allows users to determine where page breaks should fall in printed output.  More control over print output ensures users can print their manuals with no formatting required.
  • Icon for Bookmarks provides a visual indicator when working in the Doc-To-Help Editor’s design view, improving the user experience
  • New button/menu on the editor tool bar allows users to easily insert special characters

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2010 v2?

  • Output Visual Studio's newest Help output, Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0: This is a great feature for developers using Visual Studio and creating their own documentation.
  • Doc-To-Help 2010 V2 works with Team Explorer 2010, which interfaces with Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Word Counts will now appear for individual files in the editor
  • NEW Topic Placeholders feature automatically adds the topic and the subtopic to new projects to reduce the learning curve for new users
  • Custom Table of Contents (TOC) will now automatically update with any new topics that are added

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2010 v1?

Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration
Doc-To-Help 2010 will integrate and provide an interface for TFS.  This provides better workflow and support for a team environment and makes collaboration easier.

Better User Experience

  • Collapsing Sections Interface:  The user can easily organize online content without knowing how to code.
  • Nested Lists:  Most HTML/XML/XHTML editors (including FrontPage) do not handle nested lists well. 
  • Doc-To-Help 2010 allows the user to create nested lists painlessly right in its editor.
  • Page Break Control: The user can now easily specify where page breaks should fall.  Typically this is a big challenge when single-sourcing.  Not anymore!  This enhancement will save a lot of time and make the output more polished.

Enhanced Conversion Tools

  • Improved Converter for RoboHelp: Until now Doc-To-Help would only convert RoboHelp Word projects to Word and RoboHelp HTML projects to HTML. Now the user can take any RoboHelp project and convert it directly to Doc-To-Help’s XHTML format. 
  • Improved Converter for Lists to XHTML.  The user can now seamlessly convert lists to XHTML

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2009 v3?

  • Save a Copy of a Project: There is now a "Save Project As" option available on the Doc-To-Help button menu. It opens a wizard that allows you to save the entire project to another folder, with a new project name if you wish.
  • Ability to open multiple projects simultaneously: It is now possible to open several Doc-To-Help projects at once.
  • Source Documents are now stored in a Single Folder: In new projects, Source documents are now stored by default in a single folder named "Documents."
  • Additional Support for Operating Systems and Browsers: Doc-To-Help 2009 V3 works on Microsoft Windows 7 and NetHelp output optimizes for Google Chrome and Apple Safari
  • Word templates and Doc-To-Help Samples are installed, updated, and backed up automatically
  • Improved Link dialog box: The Link dialog box has been completely redesigned
  • Open a Doc-To-Help Project via Drag-and-Drop: It is now possible to open a Doc-To-Help project by selecting it in Windows Explorer and dragging it to Home ribbon in Doc-To-Help. If a project is already open in Doc-To-Help, the open project will close and the new project will open.
  • Multiple Enhancements to the Doc-To-Help XHTML Editor

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2009 v2?     

  • "Getting Started" Wizard - guides users through the project creation process.  It is easier than ever to create a project with new or existing documents in Doc-To-Help.
  • Revamped Home Tab - makes building or viewing your target more streamlined
  • Target Design Ribbon - gathers all of the design settings for your Targets in one convenient location
  • Project Management Enhancements- The New "My Doc-To-Help Projects" Folder and "Media" folder makes managing and organizing your projects easier and more intuitive
  • Improvements to the XHTML editor - there are several enhancements - some are: Converting multiple documents to XHTML is now possible, automatic Spell-checking while typing in the XHTML editor

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2009?

  • Built-in XML-based Editor - This new feature truly makes Doc-To-Help a self-contained Help Authoring Tool. Doc-To-Help still has the flexibility and customizability that our customers love but now there is no need to use a third party software package to create and edit your content. Plus there is no need to learn complicated programming languages.
  • Easy Conversion from Other formats to XHTML - Doc-To-Help users can easily bring their content into the 21st century by converting existing Word and HTML files to XHTML without formatting issues or a lengthy migration process. Whatever content your customers have, Doc-To-Help can handle it.
  • Dynamic Help Control - The Help Author will love that they can integrate a Help file into an application with and an easy "point and click" instead of using complicated code strings. The Developer will love it because they don't have to integrate the Help into the application programmatically, which is an extra step that can cause problems.
  • Import/Export of All Project Settings - Doc-To-Help now supports automated project modifications. This feature makes Doc-To-Help even easier and more intuitive.
  • Supports ANY HTML Editor - not just Dreamweaver and FrontPage
  • Drag and Drop Topic Linking - The ability to drag topics from the Topics grid or keywords from the Index and Groups panel and drop them into Word or ANY HTML editor makes the latest version of Doc-To-Help even more intuitive and easier to use.

What's New in Doc-To-Help 2008?

Doc-To-Help 2008 has a completely redesigned, contemporary user interface:

  • Office 2007-style Ribbons have replaced menus.
  • The Properties Panel is gone - all configuration and settings are managed with the ribbons or within dialog boxes.
  • You can edit your source or target Cascading Style Sheets using the new Style Editor.
  • Complex Conditions - You can assign three different conditions to a topic, document, or text: Platform, Target, or Attribute - giving you more single-sourcing options.
  • The Topic Grid is significantly improved to allow you to see and edit many topic properties at once.
  • Outlook-style Accordion tabs have replaced the Icon bar.
  • The tabbed interface makes it possible to have multiple windows open and easily accessible at the same time.
  • You can create custom topic relationships using the Related Topics Editor. This makes creating links to "See Also" topics quick and easy.
  • The Dynamic Help window displays help topics automatically as you navigate the interface.