About Atalasoft DotImage JBIG2 Codec Add-On

Decode and encode JBIG2 images using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

JBIG2 compression is an open standard and can compress bi-tonal images 2 - 5 times more than the same image compressed with the industry standard TIFF CCIT Group4 compression. The codec is available as a plug-in that integrates with DotImage seamlessly. Atalasoft DotImage JBIG2 is based off of Luratech's Lurawave.jb2 compression technology. Licensing is runtime royalty free for desktop applications as long as active maintenance is in place on all your development SDKs.


The JBIG2 standard has been developed by the Joint Bi-level Experts Group (JBIG) for the efficient lossless and lossy compression of bilevel (black and white) images. It is capable of compressing black and white documents cosiderably more than the more commonly used CCIT Group 4 TIFF compression.

The use of symbol dictionaries and symbol matching in JBIG2 enables very effective encoding of documents containing recurring symbols, making JBIG2 ideal for compressing documents. JBIG2 has been made popular by Adobe's PDF, which incorporates JBIG2 in the PDF 1.5 specification.