Atalasoft DotImage JPEG2000 Codec Add-On

Atalasoft DotImage JPEG2000 Codec can be used to decode and encode JPEG2000 images using the Microsoft .NET Framework. It uses wavelet compression technology to compress photographic images further than other available compression schemes. The codec is available as a plug-in and integrates with DotImage seamlessly. DotImage JPEG2000 is based off of Luratech's Lurawave.jp2 wavelet compression technology. Licensing is runtime royalty free for desktop applications as long as active maintenance is in place on all your development SDKs.

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Atalasoft DotImage 10.5 Released
Atalasoft DotImage 10.5 Released
Adds drag and drop thumbnails in the Web Document Viewer Control and enhanced IE11 support.
Atalasoft DotImage adds Word Reader Add-on
Atalasoft DotImage adds Word Reader Add-on
Rasterize basic Word documents, save them in other formats and display them.
Atalasoft DotImage improves Annotations
Atalasoft DotImage improves Annotations
Select annotations programmatically using the WebDocumentViewer.
Atalasoft DotImage V10.0 released
Atalasoft DotImage V10.0 released
Adds a new web document viewer, managed subset, improved web scanning, barcode symbologies, and an IRIS OCR engine.
Atalasoft DotImage updated to 9.0d
DotImage adds new OCR Engine
DotImage adds new OCR Engine
Atalasoft DotImage 9.0c also gains wider RAW camera file support and includes various fixes.

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Atalasoft JPEG2000 Codec Add-on requires that you have a current version of DotImage Document Imaging SDK. Atalasoft SDK Licensing Overview: Atalasoft offers several deployment methods. If your...

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