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Atalasoft DotImage OCR is an optical character recognition module for Microsoft .NET developers giving programmers the capability to add character recognition to their applications.  Atalasoft's approach to OCR is to provide an object oriented generic interface that can support any OCR engine.  This enables users of DotImage OCR to change OCR engines with a single line of code.  It's also convenient for testing and evaluating various OCR engines.  Atalasoft currently provides three OCR engine interfaces, GlyphreaderEngine, TesseractEngine and RecostartEngine.

OCR/ICR Transformation
OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a process to locate and identify typed letters in an image. ICR or Intelligent Character Recognition is a process similar to OCR but it is used to identify handwritten letters in an image. Atalasoft's toolkit allows OCR and ICR engines to be implemented by extending the base OcrEngine class. The Recognize() method is used to start the process. Additionally, Atalasoft have partnerships with the following OCR and ICR engines and...

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Atalasoft DotImage OCR Module Add-On 10.7
Atalasoft DotImage OCR Module Add-On 10.7
Now uses ABBYY's FineReader OCR engine.
Atalasoft DotImage 10.5 Released
Atalasoft DotImage 10.5 Released
Adds drag and drop thumbnails in the Web Document Viewer Control and enhanced IE11 support.
Atalasoft DotImage adds Word Reader Add-on
Atalasoft DotImage adds Word Reader Add-on
Rasterize basic Word documents, save them in other formats and display them.
Atalasoft DotImage improves Annotations
Atalasoft DotImage improves Annotations
Select annotations programmatically using the WebDocumentViewer.
Atalasoft DotImage V10.0 released
Atalasoft DotImage V10.0 released
Adds a new web document viewer, managed subset, improved web scanning, barcode symbologies, and an IRIS OCR engine.
Atalasoft DotImage updated to 9.0d
Atalasoft DotImage updated to 9.0d

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