ZDuplex (formally DotNetRemotingPlus SDK) is a network communication component for bidirectional communication. It supports 4 communication models including Standard Remoting, Synchronous Send, Bidirectional (Symmetrical) and Asyncronous. ZDuplex is extremely easy to use and it includes many sample applications. Features include Bidirectional communication with just one port open, accessibility for Clients behind NAT, Firewall or Proxy, TCP, supported protocols and more.

ZDuplex is a generic cross platform and cross device bidirectional communication framework for . NET or Mono. It supports 4 communication models:

  • Standard Remoting
  • Bidirectional (Symmetrical) Remoting
  • Synchronous send
  • Asyncronous send

The reception of the async/sync call is implemented via an event and the status event reports the status of the system. All the objects are serialized when they are sent across the network. For extra performance a custom serializer can be generated for the framework...

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ZDuplex released
ZDuplex released
A generic cross platform and cross device bidirectional communication framework for .NET or Mono.
DotNetRemotingPlus SDK updated
DotNetRemotingPlus SDK updated
Version 5.0 adds Silverlight 3 compatibility and supports named pipes binding.

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  • .NET Class
  • Silverlight
  • .NET Compact Framework
  • 100% Managed Code

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No documentation, unprofessional customer support but good software. Because of the bad support it became useless.