Drill Down Visuals for Power BI Releases

Released: Mar 13, 2024

Updates in 1.11


  • Legend Field in ZoomCharts Visuals - Added Legend field to Combo, Combo Bar, and Timeline visuals which makes it easier to split values into visually distinct segments.

Released: Jul 8, 2021

Updates in 1.7


  • Built-in access links when selecting any visual.
  • Major Map PRO visual improvements.
  • An overall more streamlined user experience.

Released: Sep 22, 2020

Updates in Drill Down Visuals for Power BI


  • The new Drill Down Graph PRO
    • New pre-set layouts for visualizing dependency relations - The latest version of Drill Down Graph Pro comes with two new layout options - radial and hierarchical (also known as organization tree). Both enables users to clearly visualize and detect chain of dependencies.
    • Enhanced navigation with custom expansion levels, direction and radius - This new bundle of features enables report creators to fully control the graph exploration experience:
      • Set focus nodes...