About Dynamic-CD for ASP

Produce CDs with processing power, adding an Internet server that runs straight from the CD.

Dynamic-CD serves ordinary static HTML pages, images etc to the user's browser and also processes server-side ASP scripts. Put a database on your CD and generate HTML pages in real time. Protect sections of your CD with Dynamic-CD's encryption and password protection.

Dynamic-CD is a web server for CDs that runs directly from the CD. Dynamic-CD launches the web browser to display pages served by Dynamic-CD at an internet localhost port address. Dynamic-CD is a Windows application.

Dynamic-CD serves ordinary static HTML pages, images etc to the users browser. However, Dynamic-CD's real power comes when script pages are requested. Server-side ASP scripts are run and the output is returned to the user's browser. Scripts can access and create databases, and use any other available COM objects such as the FileSystemObject.

Therefore Dynamic-CD can make your CDs interactive by responding to user input and selections. For example, you can personalize the displayed pages or build up an order.

Dynamic-CD also lets you protect information on your CD, so that only permitted users can access your sensitive data by typing in a correct username and password. Alternatively a script can enable access to sections of your CD. Multiple username/password combinations are permitted.

You also have the option of encrypting all your scripts to make them unreadable on the CD to protect your source code.

Use the Dynamic-CD-Wizard tool to make a CD image from your source directories. Dynamic-CD-Wizard inserts the Dynamic-CD runtime into the image, encrypts all the required files, and makes the CD AutoPlay. Dynamic-CD-Wizard lets you save your set up instructions in a project file. A flexible editor lets you choose files and directories to password-protect, along with the associated usernames and passwords.