TeamCompanion Releases

March 08, 2017

Updates in 6.2


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Added support for Team Foundation Server 2017.
  • Performance improvements.
July 23, 2013

Updates in 5.1

  • Support for Team Foundation Server 2013 Preview.
  • Full support for the Feedback Request/Response workflow (when connected to TFS 2012 or newer Team Foundation Service).
  • New feature for attaching an email to a particular correlated work item.
January 23, 2013

Updates in 5.0

  • Supports Outlook 2013.
March 20, 2012

Updates in 4.4

Support for creation of work items using the Plan and Prioritize planning tool

  • Implemented support for adding work items in the sprint backlog
  • Added support to undo newly created PBI items or tasks

Search results highlighting

  • Quick search results (available on each query folder) are now highlighted
  • Highlighting is visible in both grid and HTML work item preview
  • Added ability to switch between HTML preview and work item edit form

Plan and Prioritize planning tool enhancements...

September 13, 2011

Updates in 4.2

  • Support for Teams - Agile project management module in TeamCompanion now supports teams. Use it to manage work for each team separately, including team wise backlog management, iteration planning and progress tracking. Teams are defined by associated Areas, they have their own product and sprint backlogs, team members and set of sprints
  • Improved Backlog Capacity Chart - Within the product backlog module, charts display iteration capacity and planned work in story points
  • Various...
July 29, 2011

Updates in 4.1

  • Additional Agile PM features - Agile PM tool now contains additional colorful statistics located in Iterations and Team panes
  • "Save All Changes" action - "Save All Changes" action saves all pending offline changes in one simple step
  • Work Item Query execution performance significantly improved
  • Various fixes - Issue installing TeamCompanion on an XP machine is resolved including other minor fixes
  • Great new UI - New first class grid with drag and drop support, grouping, filtering etc...
June 04, 2010

Updates in V3.0

  • Support for Team Foundation Server 2010 - NEW
  • Support for Office Outlook 2010 - NEW
  • Project Collections - NEW
  • Work item query folders (including security) - NEW
  • Work Item hierarchies - NEW
    • Hierarchical work item view
    • Support for editing work item hierarchies
  • SharePoint document library integration - NEW
  • Work with multiple Team Foundation Servers and multiple Projects
  • Offline work with Work Items 
  • Reports - IMPROVED
    • Work item query reports in Excel - NEW
  • View and Edit Work Items...
November 17, 2009

Updates in V2.2

  • Work with multiple Team Foundation Servers and multiple Projects
  • Offline work with Work Items improved
  • Reports (including multiple saved parameter sets for each report)
  • View and Edit Work Items
  • Work Item Query management
  • TeamCompanion is compatible with Windows 7
  • Support for Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta
  • Compatibility with Microsoft CRM Add-In for Outlook
  • "Query by example" Work Item Query editor (including full-text search support)
  • Powerful online and offline work item...