ePublisher Platform Releases

Released: Sep 24, 2020

Updates in 2020.1


Updated Sep 24, 2020


  • Adapters
    • Added compatibility with Adobe FrameMaker 64-bit.
    • Added support for Adobe FrameMaker 2020.
    • Added custom Style Name and Custom Anchor syntax in Markdown headings.
  • Core
    • Added new 64-bit platform executeable.
    • Added new Task Scheduler 2.0 interface for AutoMap.
    • Improved License key refreshing behavior.
  • Formats
    • Improved logical NOT operator for wwpage attributes in ASP file overrides.
    • Added Publish Date in HTML and PDF Formats.
  • Reverb 2.0
    • Added Topic Map...

Released: Nov 26, 2019

Updates in 2019.2

2019.2 (Build 3307)

Updated Jan 28, 2020


  • EPUB2180 - Markdown - image files missing DPI property cause unhandled exception.
  • EPUB2201 - Legacy Formats Installer - 2017.1 formats were out of date.
  • EPUB2186 - Reverb 2.0 - Drop-down expand does not always resize the content window.


Updated Nov 26, 2019


  • OASIS DITA 1.3 support.
  • DITA Open Toolkit 3.3.4 available.
  • Ghostscript 9.50 integration using Ghostscript Installer.
  • Improvements:
    • WebWorks Reverb 2.0 support for more browsers...

Released: Nov 20, 2018

Updates in v2018.2


  • Search you Control
    • Improved  client-side search so you have more control in guiding your customer to the right information and they experience immediate results. Also enhanced the software’s ability to cross content silos and improve results through the synonyms list. Gives full control over what title and summary are shown in the results.
  • More Styling capability
    • In Reverb 2.0 ePublisher has continued to develop the ability to customize the look and feel of your output. Easily change...

Released: May 16, 2018

Updates in v2019.1


  • Adapters
    • FrameMaker 2019 support.
  • Core
    • Significant performace enhancements when generating source document sets with Markers.
    • Enhanced skin maintainability.
  • Reverb 2.0
    • Improved responsiveness across platforms.
    • Enhanced iOS support.
    • Publish Date & Last Modified Date settings.
    • Content Security Policy improvements; Reverb 2.0 no longer uses inline scripting.
    • Related Topics updated visually & added dropdown behavior.
    • Fixed Google Chrome 74 multi-group local file system load failures...

Released: Oct 17, 2017

Updates in 2017.1


  • Adapters
    • FrameMaker 2017 support.
    • Markdown source file support.
    • Word integration ands tability improved.
    • Word add-ins digitally signed for secure environments.
    • Word scanning performance improved.
  • Helpers
    • Added Tidy for validating XML/HTML.
    • Added Python3.6 for Markdown customizations.
  • Installers
    • New installer technology for faster/easier upgrades.
    • Digitially signed for improved use in secure environments.
  • Reports
    • Link report now validates external URLs.
    • New Baggage File report for...

Released: Apr 12, 2016

Updates in 2016.1



  • Video support.
  • Cross-References now support "Use Document Value" setting.
  • Scalability using 2016.1 formats.
  • Support for <xsl:message>.


  • Improved synchronization of multiple AutoMap instances during license updates and when processing FrameMaker source documents.


  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • Format - Microsoft Reader.
  • Format - Palm Reader.
  • Adapter - DITA-OT 1.4.


  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP.
  • Adapter - DITA-OT...

Released: Apr 5, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in 2012.4

  • Style Designer Preview.
  • Advanced customization interface with file comparison support.
  • FrameMaker 11 support.
  • Windows 8 support.
  • DITA performance and scalability enhancements.
  • Word DOCX improvements.
  • Reverb on the desktop, no server required.
  • Reverb client-side search now supports phrases and wildcards.
  • Updates for the latest versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Improved support for high DPI configurations.
  • Generic image attribute support (not just GraphicStyle...

Released: Jun 9, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in 2010

  • Per target designer settings that allow for even greater flexibility in single projects with multiple output formats
  • Updates to FrameMaker and DITA-XML input adapters
  • Improvements to MediaWiki output deployment
  • Further development of ePublisher's PDF XSL-FO capability
  • Upgrade protection and backwards compatibility
  • Easy installation with reduced footprint

Released: Mar 23, 2010

Updates in this release

Updates in 2009.4

2009.4 is a maintenance release which includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed: FrameMaker: Better error reporting when version specified not on system
    ePublisher fails conversions when requested to process FrameMaker documents with an unavailable version. There is no further notice given to the user other than a failure during "Duplicate Document and Apply Settings".
  • Fixed: Confluence: Indent levels render with bullet
    Indent approach using native Confluence markup leads to...

Released: Nov 19, 2009

Updates in this release

Updates in 2009.3

  • "Safe" upgrades for ePublisher Pro projects
  • Unified PDF deliverables via the "PDF XSL-FO" format
  • Linked targets (to copy PDFs created by other targets)
  • Workflow - Nightly project builds with AutoMap use same workspace as do Express and Pro
  • New "Start Page" with links to product guides and current news
  • Licensing - Client products no longer automatically unregister valid keys nor do invalid system configurations blocking product usage
  • Installers - Auto-uninstall and a reduced...