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The Excel Data Generator (XDG) is a Microsoft Excel Application that runs inside the MS Excel application environment. The Excel User can now design and generate complex, no coding required, point and click synthetic data inside the MS Excel Worksheet Environment. The productivity gain is anywhere from 10-50x faster than outsourcing the requirement to internal or external developers. The technology can scale to generate an unlimited number of files and unlimited data sets of billions of rows of data for the most challenging real-world applications. Rather than hire outsourced external consultants for thousands of dollars per day, XDG can transform knowledgeable employees into powerful data analysts able to model and simulate any functionality desired in future innovations.

The Excel Data Generator (XDG) is designed to take advantage of the Microsoft Excel native interface and exploit the power of Visual C++ in the server technology. Excel Data Generator (XDG) ships with a library of 50+ data fill types to include a user-defined library for specifying customer unique synthetic data with complex relations, iterations, and combinations. ExcelDataGenerator also supports the design and integration of unique customer library requirements with modifications to the...

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The Excel Data Generator v1.0
The Excel Data Generator v1.0
Design and generate synthetic data inside the MS Excel Worksheet Environment.

Prices from: $ 779.10

Excel Data Generator provides a license in the form of an annual subscription per machine that can be transferred to another user in the organization during the year. The only technical difference in...

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