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Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers

Create an email signature template using text, images and dynamic fields with dedicated Exchange signature software.

Published by Exclaimer
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2014


Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is no longer available to purchase. Recommend replacement product: Signature Manager Exchange Edition.

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers help you create disclaimer templates made from images, text and dynamic fields, which will be automatically completed for each user and added to their email as it’s processed by Exchange. Rules control which users and which emails will have a disclaimer: for example, configure it to only add a disclaimer to emails sent from your legal team and only to emails addressed to contacts outside your organization. You can use dynamic fields like the email address of the sender, the recipient, the date and other content from the message and from the Active Directory, like telephone numbers, display names and more.

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers Features

  • Instant - There's no lag or refresh time, as soon as you've saved your configuration on Exchange, every email will have the signature.
  • Remote - Because it works straight from Exchange, there's no need to visit every user's PC to alter their signature or even install a local client.
  • Intelligent - Some departments will want different signatures: tech support may want an out-of-hours number or Skype details while the accounts team may want a remittance address...
Mail Disclaimers is licensed on a per user basis and your total number of users must not exceed the stated size of your license. Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA): Access Updates - Supported...

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