About FastFind

Instantly search in all files in a Visual Studio solution.

FastFind is a Visual Studio extension which provides an instant find-in-files search which is so fast that it updates as you type. It also allows you to quickly jump to any file in your solution, all without reaching for the mouse. FastFind is very fast, and can handle huge projects with millions of lines of code and thousands of files with ease.

FastFind Features

  • FastFind indexes all of the files in your solution which allows it to find any matches to your query quickly and efficiently. FastFind can find partial matches, wildcard matches, word matches, and supports full regular expressions.
  • Once you start using FastFind to its full potential you'll wonder how you ever programmed without it. If you can remember a line of code you can jump to it instantly. FastFind can actually take over many functions of a traditional code parser plugin, once you get used to the sorts of queries you can perform. And this comes without the need for slow, often brittle, parsing of code.
  • FastFind also allows you to quickly jump to any file in the solution. Start typing the file name and FastFind will auto-complete. This also works for opening files on disk, automatically auto-completing sub folders and files as you type.
  • For C++ programmers FastFind has an intelligent cpp/h toggle allowing you to quickly jump from source to header and back.
  • By default FastFind is bound to Alt-Shift-O. This binding can be change in the Visual Studio key-bindings page.