About FastInfoset.NET

Minimize XML size with this ultra-compact, interoperable, standards-based binary encoding.

FastInfoset.NET offers an extremely compact and widely interoperable encoding of the XML Infoset that is integrated into the XML processing API of .NET and is as straight forward to use as the system-provided text encoding.

FastInfoset.NET Features

  • Ultra Compact - Enables you to reduce XML size more than by using the Binary XML encoding of .NET or by compressing the text XML encoding of .NET.
  • The Fast Infoset Standard - Fast Infoset is a binary encoding of the W3C XML Information Set that has been standardized by the ISO and ITU.
  • Widely Interoperable - FastInfoset.NET has passed all interoperability tests performed by fi-interop with other Java, C/C++ and C# implementations of Fast Infoset.
  • Blends into .NET - You can switch from the system-provided text encoding to the Fast Infoset encoding with practically no changes in your code.
  • No XML Schema Required - Encoding and decoding can be entirely schema-less, enabling you to decode FI documents of unknown structure.
  • Roundtrips to Text - You can easily convert from the text encoding to the Fast Infoset encoding and back to the text encoding without losing information.
  • Efficient with Binary Data - Quickly encodes binary data like images, videos and other opaque items in their native format without converting them to a text-based format.
  • WCF Message Encoding - Includes a message encoding for WCF that does wonders by producing more compact messages than any system-provided encoding for WCF.
  • Cross Platform - Available for .NET, .NET CF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Windows Phone, Xbox, Silverlight, Mono and as PCL.