Fax/Arch. TIFF SDK

Fax/Arch. TIFF SDK (FLY SDK product family) is a powerful component that can be integrated in a server or client application using most popular programming languages (C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.). With just two API calls, the TIFF SDK will drive conversion from PDF, PostScript, EPS, WMF or EMF to TIFF generating high-fidelity images compliant with FAX, archival, document and content management systems. Intelligent configuration options give developers a high degree of control over the resulting conversion. With the TIFF SDK entire files can be converted as easily as a page range with granular control over resolution, orientation, color depth, page size and more. Available as a DLL for Windows and via command-line for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.

Fax/Arch. TIFF SDK is a robust tool for software developers to add support for importing, saving, viewing, converting, creating, merging, marking or exporting PDF, PostScript and Metafiles. It works equally well for application development and for process automation. The engine handles both vector and bitmap graphics file formats swiftly and surely. Use it to easily enhance your desktop, server or Web application with just a few command line or API/DLL calls.

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Fax/Arch. TIFF SDK is licensed per application/project. Unlimited Developers can develop using FLY SDK as long as it is on the same application/project Run-time NOT royalty free The license includes...

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