Add Professional Gantt Charts to your Java Applications.

Published by DLSC
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2007

Version: v8.0.x/v2.1.x Updated: Mar 3, 2020 5.00 Star Average Review5.00 Star Average Review5.00 Star Average Review5.00 Star Average Review5.00 Star Average Review (4)


Please note that the minimum Enterprise License price for this product is $36,000 USD or €30,000 EUR approx. and includes access to the product Source Code. In addition, annual maintenance and software updates are available for an additional $7,200 USD or €6,000 EUR approx. per year.

What's New in FlexGantt

What's new FlexGantt 2.0:

  • Selectable links (relationships)
  • Menu support for links
  • Different relationship types (start - end, end - start, start - start, end - end)
  • Improved graphics performance
  • Animated tree node expand / collapse operations
  • All bug fixes from the 1.1.x releases
  • Macintosh (glossy) style Gantt charts
  • Easier editing of timeline objects (percentage complete, linking)

What's new FlexGantt 1.1.7

  • Improvement - [FLEX-366] - Printing with a custom RelationshipRenderer
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-358] - Unable to start printings once you have clicked on the cancel button
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-359] - Memory leak after displaying a Preview dialog
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-367] - Setting a timezone on ganttchart
  • Bug Fix - [FLEX-368] - tasks are not repainting in real time as I move/resize them