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Flexmonster Pivot Table & Chart Component

Pivot table and charts component for Web, Mobile and Flex Apps.

Published by Flexmonster
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2011

Version: 2.2 Updated: Dec 4, 2015

About Flexmonster Pivot Table & Chart Component

Pivot table and charts component for Web, Mobile and Flex Apps.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts Component allows you to visualize complex business data in your web application. It supports Microsoft Analysis Services OLAP cubes, Mondrian, icCube, Salesforce, SAP, SQL (MS SQL, MySQL and others) databases or static CSV files. The OLAP data is represented in compact yet interactive visual reports - multidimensional tables and charts. Additional optimizing tools allow you work fast with really large data volumes. Flexmonster Pivot Charts are interactive, dashboard-like, and powerful to navigate over aggregated data. The tool is ideal for business intelligence data analysis. Every CEO can use it, yet it is robust enough to please the CIO as well. Available for mobile devices.

Pivot Table Component provides powerful reporting and visualization of business data from OLAP.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Chart Component End User Features:

  • Pivot Table - Hierarchical data display & grouping
  • Pivot Charts - Interactive drillable pivot charts
  • Compose Report Layout - Select which dimensions & values to show
  • Analyze Data - Filter, sort, group, top records, drill-down
  • Manage Views - Save & navigate report views
  • Export & Print - Export to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV & images

Pivot Table
Helps you to create interactive Pivot tables & charts reports for web and Flex applications. Pivot Component will provide your customers with an extremely intuitive end-user experience while creating and analyzing reports. After the component is embedded into your application users will immediately get a variety of powerful features to meet their real-time business analysis needs:

  • Display quickly the complex data from OLAP cubes, SQL databases or static CSV files into compact and summarized visual reports - tables and charts.
  • Data is automatically arranged into a tree structure with expandable parents. End-users can expand or collapse child groups to see more summarized or raw reports.
  • The drillable Pivot Charts provide a powerful method to expose the real-time business data to analysts.
  • Users can easily change a report's layout visually and examine data from different perspective (you don't have to foresee all possible report scenarios your end-users might require).
  • Each report data can be filtered, formatted (currencies, numbers), sorted or zoomed. User defines data totals and subtotals, the look of the report too.
  • Report data can be visually highlighted with icons or color.
  • You can link report data to external sources or other reports.
  • Users can create new reports, save their created report layout and share with other.
  • Finally the report data can be printed or exported as PDF file, Excel, CSV, image or HTML page.

Pivot Charts
Provide an alternative, interactive way to visualize data:

  • Users can drill-up and drill-down through data hierarchies and see chart details at every level.
  • Charts are easily understood and have convenient tooltips and legend information.
  • It is easy to switch between charts and table views or to use split view to see both table and charts views at the same time.

Pivot Table & Charts Component supports wide variety of charts:

  • bar
  • cylinder
  • line
  • scatter
  • bar stack
  • pie

Compose Report Layout
Users can easily change a report's layout visually and examine data from different perspectives:

  • Users can compose report layout in a minute - decide which dimensions should be placed to rows, columns or filter-area.
  • Composing the report is as easy as drag and drop rows and column.
  • Users can select an aggregation of the values to see well-consolidated reports.
  • The following predefined aggregations are supported: Sum, Count, Average, Min, Max, Product, Percent.
  • Even if you don't use OLAP, Pivot Table will aggregate and visualize the data immediately in real time.
  • The users can hide or show totals and sub-totals for the values.
  • The numeric values can be formatted: currencies and decimal places/separator.
  • Finally it is possible to change the style of the report on the fly to make it looking more visually impressive.

Analyze Data
Pivot Component provides Excel-like features which give users the interface they always used. The users can easily and quickly analyze data report now:

  • Users can use the filter with intuitive quick-search to hide any irrelevant information or find target business facts.
  • The filter supports huge data hierarchies with multi-select and searching the data.
  • Users can sort any column or any row.
  • Top 10 records provides the possibility to focus an attention only on the highly relevant data and hide all the other information.

Manage Views
Users can work with a predefined set of reports or create & save their own. Once the user has composed a report to reveal the precise data views they may want to save it for future or share it with others.

The component supports saving reports to local hard drive or to the server. You can utilize the powerful JS and Flex API to save reports and load previously saved ones. The saved reports have exactly the same layout, number formatting, filters, sorting as in the original report.

It is much more convenient to share reports online by sharing the report link, compared to the old-fashioned method of sending Excel files by email.

Export & Print
Pivot Component supports the printing of the Pivot view. Additionally the users can export the reports into a variety of formats:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • PDF
  • Web page (HTML page)
  • CSV (comma separated text format)
  • Image (PNG)

Both table view and charts view can be printed or exported.

You can control where to save the export data, the following methods are supported:

  • Save to local file
  • Save to server (to remote file-storage or database)
  • Save to clipboard

Embedding Pivot Table Component in to your applications

  • For Web-Applications - Easily embed into Web app, JavaScript API
  • For Flex-Applications - Embed into Flex apps as SWC component
  • For Mobile Applications - Use Pivot Table on Android and iOS
  • SQL/CSV Databases - Raw data from SQL database or CSV sheets
  • OLAP/XMLA - Cubes from MS Analysis Services or Pentaho Mondrian
  • Customizable - Control look & feel with CSS & API
  • Fast - Works fast with huge data sources
  • Just Browse - Works in any web-browser

Web Applications
Pivot Component's simplicity allows you to get started in 15 minutes. The component is extremely easy to integrate. It provides extensive documentation, enterprise demos and easy to understand code samples so you can prepare your demo to for customers almost immediately. To use Pivot Table Component you do not have to install anything on the web server. All you need to do is copy paste the SWF files or HTML5 library to your server - and you're ready to go.

Pivot Component works with all web technologies and data sources. You just insert usual HTML element or Flash object (SWF) into web page, either static HTML or generated by ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or even simple HTML pages. The component will connect to any database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL using simple script generating CSV output to enable real-time business analysis.

With powerful JavaScript API and configuration you control the entire behavior of the component. You can customize component features, turn on & off any possibilities for the end users and specify the available interactions with the end users.

Flex Applications
It is very easy to embed Pivot Table Component into Flex application as a SWC component. The Pivot Table Component for Flex has a very flexible and easy to learn API that allows you to create Pivot tables and charts in very few lines of code. You can also do advanced things like exporting the reports as images or PDFs, exporting data as CSV or Excel.

The component is compatible with Flex SDK 3.x and later.

Pivot Table Component is ideal alternative to OLAPDataGrid for your Flex solutions. The OLAPDataGrid in Flex is not full-featured Pivot Table. Flexmonster Pivot Table has a number of critical features which are totally absent in OLAPDataGrid:

  • Flexmonster Pivot Table can collapse/expand both rows and columns (while OLAPDataGrid can do this for rows only)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table is optimized for large volumes of data (millions of rows) visualization (while OLAPDataGrid becomes terribly slow for rendering and scrolling even after 2-3 thousands facts)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table has features for the analyst to configure reports on-the-fly (configure the dimension, switch views, auto-sorting and filtering)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table can work with OLAP server via connection string (while OLAPDataGrid needs additional data preparation)
  • Flexmonster Pivot Table has Pivot Charts showing the same grid visualization but in charts view

Mobile Applications
Start mobile business reporting with Flexmonster PivoTable mobile application. It can be downloaded to your tablets from Google Play or Apple App Store. The app includes all the main API features of web Flexmonster component merged with advantages of mobile gestures:

  • Slide grid to navigate across the data;
  • Single tap to expand or collapse dimensions;
  • Click dimension headers to call up filter;
  • Drag and drop dimensions and measures while setting up layout.

Pivot Table can also become a part of your own mobile application. Using the freely distributed source code you are allowed to build the app that will match your corporate style.The mobile application can connect to all datasources supported by web Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component: CSV/SQL and OLAP. The application supports the functionality of importing reports from external storage. It allows you share reports via email as images, PDF, Excel or CSV files. Charts mode lets you visualize same report in data grid or chart mode.

SQL/CSB Databases
The component will connect to any database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL - using simple script generating CSV output to enable real-time business analysis. Pivot Component is full browser-side component, thus you can use any desired server-side to generate CSV data: ASP, PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or simple HTML pages.

You can even use usual static CSV files with exported business data to create a simple business intelligence report to demonstrate the power of Pivot tables and charts.

Alternatively Pivot Component can work with OLAP cubes via XMLA, which is a standard method to work with really huge data volumes.

Pivot Component allows additional control by providing meta-data to the reports. You can define which columns are dates, currencies or parts of tree hierarchies, links or icons for the desired visualization.

Pivot Table Component can connect to OLAP cubes via XMLA protocol. XMLA is XML for Analysis - an industry standard for data access in analytical systems, such as OLAP and Data Mining.

The following business intelligence software works well with the Pivot Table Component:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (2005, 2008)
  • Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian)
  • any other business intelligence software supporting XMLA standard

Both Microsoft Analysis Services and Pentaho Analysis Services data sources are fully supported by the Pivot Table Component. If connected to such a data source, the Pivot Table Component delegates all data management and calculations to the server-side.

This method will greatly increase your application's performance if you are dealing with large data volumes. In such case it could take a long time for a client browser to recalculate all the data. It works much faster when request server-side data recalculation and then simply display the received result.

Pivot Table Component not only gives your business data a pretty look, it also adds smart analysis features like filtering, drill-down, report export, zoom and styles. You can control and customize these all features with configuration of the report and powerful API. Any feature can be deactivated, enabled or configured to work differently from the default behavior.

Developers can control the following aspects of the component:

  • The appearance of the user controls, grid and charts - with CSS.
  • The report XML configuration allows to enable/disable any features and select the data source method.
  • The Pivot Component is tightly integrated with JavaScript. This allows updating client-side table, listening user events and maintaining states or to saving it.
  • You can define the desired behavior of the component or override certain features (filters, formatting cells, setting links, etc) with API.
  • The component has JavaScript API for web-based applications and Flex API for Flex applications.
  • Each report has its own grid styles, predefined styles are available for the end user to select from.
  • Visible text of the Pivot Component can be translated with special localization to fit multi-languagerequirements.

The component is seriously optimized for huge data sets for smooth browsing and scrolling really long reports. It is thoroughly tested to work with up to 100MB data files and huge OLAP cubes data volumes. Maximum data size is limited only by your end-users' browsers and the capacity of their computers. The table renders multiple millions of cells immediately.

If the user's browser can handle it, Pivot Table will display it.

Just Browse
HTML5 or Flash Pivot Table & Charts Component will show fine in any modern browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera). You do not need to have any software pre-installed. The component works with any server-side platform, it doesn't matter which server-side technology provided the data.