FramePro is an instrumented profiler. Add timing scope macros to your code and let FramePro do the rest. FramePro is very low overhead and copes with huge datasets, it records the duration of each frame and graphs this over time, making it easy to spot frames that are spiking. You can then drill down into that frame and see what all of the threads and cores were doing. FramePro shows the timing scopes as a hierarchy for each thread and core. This allows you to easily spot functions or scopes that are taking longer than they should.

FramePro Features

  • Very low overhead, allowing you to enable it without affecting performance. This is essential for profiling of real-time applications.
  • Collects huge amounts of data and can cope with very long profiles with ease. For real-time applications a stable frame-rate is essential.
  • Records the duration of each frame and graphs frames over time allowing you to easily spot frame spikes.
  • The instrumentation for FramePro is manual, meaning that you have complete control over what is being...

Latest News

FramePro 1.4.6
FramePro 1.4.6
Adds Session Scroll Bar and Conditional Parent Scopes.
FramePro 1.3.2
FramePro 1.3.2
Profile real-time C++ applications.

Feature Highlights

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7