FramePro Releases

May 30, 2017

Updates in 1.4.6


  • Session Scroll Bar - Shows summary of frames for entire session with scroll bar for currently selected visible range.
  • Events - Game events. Events can be triggered at any time and show up on the thread and core views as well as the session scroll bar.
  • WaitEvents - Thread events, such as mutex's and critical sections. Events are shown in the core view and show when a thread starts waiting on an event, when it stops, and what thread triggered the event to stop waiting.
  • Conditional Parent...
July 20, 2016

Updates in 1.3.2


  • Very low overhead, allowing you to enable it without affecting performance. This is essential for profiling of real-time applications.
  • Collects huge amounts of data and can cope with very long profiles with ease. For real-time applications a stable frame-rate is essential.
  • Records the duration of each frame and graphs frames over time allowing you to easily spot frame spikes.
  • The instrumentation for FramePro is manual, meaning that you have complete control over what is being measured...