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Gantt Time Package danda [Spain] 25-Aug-2006 07:40:35

In the mouse event 'OnRightClickGantArea' I receive as a parameter -theDataEntity- over which the user has clicked. I have some problems and I want/need to use the event 'OnMouseUp', but How can I get in this event -theDataEntity- on which the user has clicked?


Gantt Time Package abiliomagalhaes [Portugal] 27-Mar-2003 21:25:21


This is a good example of a killer tool. Especially for us, developers around project management solutions.
We had start with version 2.5 and upgraded to version 3.
Only one wish - the print process. Please, do-it again and simplify or automate the printing process.
We recommend this tool.

Abílio Magalhães
Abm software

Gantt Time Package jack_z1 [USA] 26-Sep-2002 22:52:30

Is there a property that defaults the time scale? We need the time scale to be in hours to begin with.

Gantt Time Package support [Sweden] 17-Jul-2002 08:52:18

We have more active forums at the plexityhide site.

Gantt Time Package rajivraj007 [India] 08-Jul-2002 06:58:16

Can i use the component on WebForms?

RE: Gantt Time Package 12-Jul-2002 14:54:27

Yep, no known limitations in this area.


Hans Karlsen

Gantt Time Package support [Sweden] 09-Sep-2001 15:53:18

The Gantt Time Package now has a complete revised help file that has been very welcomed by many users.

RE: Gantt Time Package puckstar [Australia] 27-Mar-2002 04:49:55

I am having some trouble getting the gantt to link on the fly. I am trying to implement a link based on a right-click event - the user right-clicks on a dataentity/time block and instantiates a link to the next timeblock or a chosen timeblock. I have a clue that stickymode plays a part here but am lost beyond that. I do understand the process of linking on form_load or when adding new dataentities but on-the-fly? I'm sure the Gantt can do this, but how? Any offers?